And the count down begins

Well, we’re now approaching the final count down. Both Jim and I are both thrilled but also a little freaked out that Morgan, our LittleBear, will be here in just over 2 months.

We started our Birth classes at the midwife centre last night. Not at all what I expected. I had always had these images of a whole bunch of women lying around on the floor propped up by pillows and partners breathing. Instead we spent about 1 1/2 hours talking about breastfeeding and about 5-10 minutes of breathing. We did about 5 minutes of “exercises” but seriously, I get more exercise at home doing the laundry than I did last night. lol. Guess I shouldn’t stop my gym runs or my yoga.

Jim went to a “Daddy Boot Camp” two nights ago and is not sure why he went. He says that the class was designed for a bunch of Cro-Magnon men who have no interest in domesticity or their wives in general. He learned such interesting facts as his wife may be tired from caring for the baby all day and that the should consider helping out in the kitchen. Now if that isn’t the biggest joke ever in *this* house. Mind you, Jim already is the one who cooks dinner and does the vacuuming. He said he did learn an important point: most men out there really should not be given license to breed. 🙂 I love my husband!

We returned two days ago from David and Chinatsu’s wedding in NYC. We had a great time and Morgan got to do some preliminary bonding with her uncle and new aunt. Unfortunately Jim and I both forgot to bring our camera to the wedding so we have no pictures of our own. As soon as the rest of the family takes pity on us and sends us some I will post up some Morgan in semi-formal wear.

As for the belly shot… well, yes, we are over 2 weeks late, but I will post a 30 week 4 day picture up today. My oh my is that belly growing.

~ by CableGirl on Wednesday, September 13, 2006.

3 Responses to “And the count down begins”

  1. Hey! It was such a treat to see you both at the wedding…I’m not sure I have your email…but if I do, I’ll send pics. Also, on a different and unrelated note…I’m troubled about the “Two Weeks Notice” thing…is the “two weeks” possesive or is it an adjective? If an adjective…the apostrophe would be incorrect….please advise.

  2. I will take some pity on you guys as I have 50+ photos of the big day with Baby Bear in evening wear…It’s gonna cost you though…
    Love Donna

  3. The pics are in the mail….
    your decorator and photographer…

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