My little nudist smiles.

So, the first time we ever saw a smile on Morgan was the day after Christmas. I was not convinced it was a real smile and not just the usual “man that fart felt good” face. But Jim swore up and down it was.
Well, the need for speculation has passed. Morgan is a smiling fool these days. Of course, she smiles the most when she’s got her bottom hanging free in the breeze. We’ve always known that she loves to be changed and loves having a fresh and clean diaper, but she recently started handing out the smiles all the time on the changing table. So, figuring that we would pander to her wishes we have started letting her hang out nekkid in her crib after she wakes up the mornings. The smiles come freely then, but alas we have yet to catch one on film. I promise photographic evidence will come soon… but in view of respecting her future ego, I will not post the nekkid picture up on the net. Hell, I know we all hated those embarrassing pictures our mothers felt the need to share.


~ by CableGirl on Tuesday, January 9, 2007.

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