Getting so big…

My little girl is getting so big. Whenever we go over to my father’s house he tells me that Morgan looks so much different from the last time he saw her. I knew that it had to be true, but since I see her everyday it never really occurred to me just how much she has changed.

Two nights ago Jeff and Karma were over with Dylan and Tristan (unfortunately Morgan had already gone to bed so they didn’t get to meet her.) Tristan is 4 weeks to the day younger than Morgan and weighs about 2 ½ lbs less. I was astounded looking at him and then looking at my baby girl. She’s so big! She’s grown so much in the past few weeks it is just amazing to me. As of a few days ago she was about 23 inches long and 12 ½ lbs. More than that my little baby is becoming a human being. She is now interactive. Her smiles were just the start. Now she flirts constantly. Even more amazing is that she has discovered her hands. So far she is definitely aware of her hands and her mouth. Everything else is a little abstract for her to grasp. 🙂 Today she repeatedly grabbed her ring toys and stuck them in her mouth… intentionally.

I realize that this may not sound like much, but it is huge news in this house. Morgan likes to play. 🙂


~ by CableGirl on Monday, February 5, 2007.

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