So close to sitting up.

Now I realize that the fact that Morgan get bored very easily is probably a sign that she will be a fairly intelligent child (at least, that’s what I tell myself), but she is at that point now where she is increasingly frustrated with the fact that she can’t sit up on her own. I tried getting her a Bumbo chair (one of the videos I posted a week or so ago shows her sitting in it). While that looked like a promising alternative to lying on her back playing she has discovered recently that she really doesn’t like sitting in it at all. I’m not sure exactly what about it pisses her off, but as she is my child it is entirely probable that she has no good reason.

However, in the past two days Morgan has been getting progressively better at sitting up on her own. Ok, not quite “on her own”, but if I put her down between my legs with her back to me when I’m sitting on the floor she does a remarkable job at sitting up. She loses her balance occasionally and still isn’t sure quite how to play with the toys I put on her feet but she is determined that she can do it on her own and gets annoyed with me if I try to help her out by helping her balance. There is nothing she like more when sitting up than looking at either Simba or Tiger (Eleanor is still boycotting the baby… she’ll learn eventually) and trying to reach out and pet them. Of course her idea of petting and theirs doesn’t always coincide, as she tends to grab fist fulls of fur, but Simba, of late, has taken to helping her out. Morgan will reach out her hands and Simba very kindly head butts her hands and she LOVES it. This afternoon we spent a lovely half an hour playing with/ petting kitties. She does her best to communicate with the boys the only way she knows how, cooing at them.

Perhaps this weekend when her daddy is home I will get him to videotape her “sitting up”.


~ by CableGirl on Tuesday, March 13, 2007.

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