on line shopping…

… is a very dangerous past time. Since Morgan has been outgrowing all of her newborn clothing I’ve found the perfect excuse to shop on line. Well, she needs no clothing, no? I seem to have gone a little off the deep end, however. Who knew I was such a shop-a-holic?!!

There are many fantastic websites out there for smart-alecky onesies. (What the hell is a onesie, you may ask. Ah, a sure sign you’ve never had to shop for babies. Onesies are the brilliant baby clothing invention that allow you to button the baby’s t-shirt between her legs so that it doesn’t ride up into her arm pits each time you pick her up.)

Just this past week alone I have had at least 3 deliveries come to my door. Jim says I’m going to be put on shopping probation. But how can you pass up a onesie that says “Pinch my cheeks and I kick you @$$”? or “BA/BY For those about to walk” (of course, for the full effect you must imagine that the backslash is a lightening bolt.) How about the “Maternica, Spill ’em all”? Or my personal favorite, a bib that simply says “I drool”. Priceless, I tell you!

Anyway, I figure the time I have in which I am allowed to dress Morgan is limited. I’d best indulge my whimsy while I can.

~ by CableGirl on Thursday, March 15, 2007.

One Response to “on line shopping…”

  1. Another “attitude” onesie is on the way. I wish they came in my size…
    Wishing I was there…
    Aunt Donna

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