Notes from teething hell…

I’ve known that Morgan has begun teething for quite some time now. She has been a drooling champ and nothing makes her quite as happy as having a cloth rub her gums. Everything she encounters goes into her mouth these days. Little did I know that this was only the beginning.

This past week has been a new experience in teething hell and I’m assured it will only get worse. Since she has been so uncomfortable of late, Morgan has been exceedingly clingy. She will fuss and fuss unless I am holding her *all* the time. Most of the times no one else will do. She refuses to nap in the day time unless I’m holding her, which I assure you makes posting (and doing anything else, for that matter) rather complicated. Multitasking while holding a sleeping infant is not as easy as it sounds. Ah well, so much for housekeeping.

I thought at first that her inability to nap alone might have been related to the NSS plan, but my dear girl sleeps just fine unswaddled throughout the night. She has also developed a bit of a cough, which I am convinced has its origins in the excessive drool she inhales while lying down.

Poor thing has been rather needy the past week and it has worn me out, through and through.

However, on the lighter side of things, I got her a new bathtub last week so that she could have more fun playing while bathing. She loves the water and here is my favorite picture to prove it.
Here she is kicking and splashing in the water and generally having a good time. 🙂


~ by CableGirl on Sunday, April 1, 2007.

One Response to “Notes from teething hell…”

  1. Oh, look at her! So cute.

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