road rage

I am sick to death of overprivileged, cell phone talking, SUV driving women. Wake up, bitches, you are not the only people on the road!


Why is it that the person driving the Porsche Cayenne who nearly runs you down as she flies through the unnoticed stop sign is inevitably a woman on a cell phone? Never mind the environmentally unfriendliness of the car she has chosen to drive but must she always be on the freaking phone? Come on people! I’m sure that whatever you have to say can wait the 15 minutes it will take you to reach your destination and no longer be driving. Do you really feel you are so important that you can totally disregard traffic regulations and nearly run down a woman in a MUCH smaller car complete with baby in the back seat simply because you are on the phone? Let me break it to you gently. In this day and age nearly everyone has a cell phone. Having one does not make you important. Talking on one while driving, however, makes you an inconsiderate asshole.


Inevitably these road hazard SUVs are of a Porsche or Mercedes (Latin for ‘bribe’ by the way. Look it up. merces, mercedis) make. I mean, really, how ridiculous is it to have a Porsche SUV? I’m sorry folks, I don’t care what kind of pepper you name it after, it is still just an SUV, not a sports car.


I realize that presently there is no law in the state of Florida banning drivers from driving one handed because they are talking on the phone. There are no regulations for hands free devices. I’m not an activist. I’m not trying to petition for such a law to exist, no matter how good an idea I think it is. All I want is (obviously impossible) for drivers to have some sort of consideration on the road.


This afternoon on my way back from Gymboree I was nearly hit by a woman (black Porsche Cayenne) who ran a red light. Naturally she was on the phone. Naturally she did not care at all for the fact that she barely missed smashing into the rear left side of my car (with baby in the back). Two days ago I was being tailgated (again a black Porsche Cayenne) while driving on I-95. The woman was so close to me that I couldn’t see the nose of her car in my rear view mirror. She was so close I KNOW she would have seen Morgan in the back seat had she not been on the phone. None of this, however, was a concern to her as she tailgated me at 65 miles per hour since her SUV and deep and meaningful conversation marked her out as a much more significant person than either myself or my baby.


Admittedly, I’m not the biggest fan of the SUV to begin with. However, should an affordable hybrid SUV ever be developed I’d buy it in a minute just to shield myself and my child from the Ford Excessives the pollute the roads. Those gas guzzling monsters apparently do not come equipped with rear or side view mirrors. Or if they do the owner’s manual expressly forbids using them while the car is in motion. However, my personal dislike of SUVs aside, today I will direct all my anger and venom at the inconsiderate and oblivious cell phone talking soccer moms* who clearly believe that whomever they harm on the road is inconsequential as long as their own kids are safely strapped in the back numbing their brains on seat-back DVD players.



*Please don’t mistake me. this is not a rant against soccer moms in general. In fact, I hope to be one someday.



~ by CableGirl on Friday, May 18, 2007.

4 Responses to “road rage”

  1. I live in NJ and it’s been illegal to use a cell phone while driving for awhile…I think hands free are also illegal though I’m not 100% sure…however, people STILL drive around stupidly while on the phone.

    New Jersey drivers are bad enough, they REALLY don’t need cell phones added into the mix as well.

    (my parents both drive SUV’s to my embarrassment, but neither one drives while using their cell phone unless in an emergency, they are both very good drivers.)

  2. People drive the same way here in El Paso, although it’s not necessarily just women in high end SUVs. I did though, see one woman driving down the road putting on make-up while talking on her cell phone!! So I sympathize…

  3. The hands-free law is about to come into effect here, and it can’t happen soon enough! Although, I’m not sure how much difference it’ll make, honestly.
    I also don’t like the SUVs. Do you share my passionate hatred for Hummers? Does that just say “overcompensation” or what?!?

  4. Hm, I feel like shit now because I TOTALLY LOVE MY SUV. But hey, I live in Idaho-I actually need the 4 wheel drive often in the winter. And I have four kids. And I am NOT and never will be a mini-van mom. Ever. Like, pull my teeth out with pliers and no drugs before you make me drive one. I am also not a soccer mom. I also don’t own a cell phones. And I sell insurance so I don’t tailgate people. Do those things make up for the fact that I love my SUV? Please?

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