baby personality test

I found a baby “personality test” on a mothering board this morning. As a lark I took it to see what insights it would give me into my daughter’s future.

What can you expect for your baby? She will be very popular. She will not have any problems making friends. She is fun, optimistic, and full of energy. She may not be the most organized person but she thinks well on her feet. She likes to see everyone get along and may meddle in other people’s relationships in her attempt to keep the peace. She is outgoing and not afraid of meeting new people. In school, she is likely to be in the drama club, on a sports team, or involved in the yearbook committee. She enjoys gossiping and takes pride in the fact that people trust her to tell her their secrets. She likes to give out advice even though her advice is not always the best. Even though she is very popular, she is very insecure. She likes to be praised by others and will seek out people that give her attention.

She will likely pursue a career working with people. She would be miserable if she had to work in a cubicle with nobody to talk to. She may be indecisive when picking a career. She may try more than one job before she settles on one she likes. Career choices may include waiter, journalist, teacher, nurse/health professional, flight attendant, or sales representative.

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~ by CableGirl on Thursday, May 24, 2007.

5 Responses to “baby personality test”

  1. Fiona: She will be very dependable and responsible; the type that likes to make her parents happy. You can expect her to be able to handle stress and pressure well. She will not be the one you have to worry about. She is sensitive, friendly and caring.

    James: He will be very intelligent. Although he is very bright, his shy nature may keep him from reaching his full potential. He is conservative and reserved. You can anticipate a very organized person. In fact, his need for organization is borderline compulsive.

  2. I’m just happy the word “cheerleader” was not involved! 🙂

    So, James is going to be borderline OCD? Guess Fiona will be the one to keep him in line then.

  3. Zach: He will be a very passionate person. He is fiercely competitive, motivated, and driven. He is very bright but is easily bored or distracted. You won’t have to worry about him being a couch potato. He will be very athletic or physically active. He is emotional, sensitive, and affectionate. His image and good looks are very important to him. When he gets to be a teen he will be the one that refuses to wear anything that is not in style. He will burn a whole in your pocket if you let him. He will drive you crazy wanting the newest athletic shoes. He enjoys listening to music, dancing, and loves a good drama (whether its fiction or real life).

    He will be very ambitious and will do well in life. He adapts well to change and can function well in just about any setting. He is good at rolling with the punches and nothing gets him down. Career chooses may include actor/model, doctor, lawyer, advertising executive, or politician.

    Sounds like a mix of Mom and Dad to me.

  4. sounds like you’ll have your hands full. I’m amused, however, by what I perceive as a discrepancy. He’ll be an actor, a model, a doctor or a lawyer???

  5. i did it for my new baby, and it seemed on target. i did it for my older children, who are 13 and nearl 10, and it was right on the money fot them asnd who they are now. very interesting.

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