the Miami heat

and no, I don’t mean the basketball team. Our air conditioning went out last night and I’ve been sweating my ass off all day. Even with the fans running at top speed it’s hot as Hades in here. (Or to quote one of my favorite lines from the HBO TV show Rome, “It’s as hot as Vulcan’s dick.”)

CableDad spoke with the a/c company and we are luckily still under warranty. They swear someone will be out to do something about our issue tomorrow morning. I just hope that my darling daughter doesn’t get too upset about sweating in her sleep. She has already voiced her dislike for the heat on more than one occasion.

Imagine the scene: I am touring my in-laws around Miami and we go to the Botanical gardens. We enter the tropical fruit greenhouse. We are there for a grand total of three minutes tops before MJ starts screaming her head off. She was about three months old and I was still quite gun shy about her shrieks. In a panic I run her out of the greenhouse, afraid that her reaction has something to do with the mango trees growing in the enclosure (both my mother and brother are quite allergic to mangoes). My darling girl does not stop her ear piercing scream until we are inside the (partially) air conditioned cafe and under the fan. She immediately returns to her smiling self. Ok, crisis averted. Lesson learned: MJ does not like to be hot. Only one problem. I still have to get her back to the car which is a good 20 minute walk from where we were. Needless to say the walk back to the car was unpleasant and I found myself trying to avoid the suspicious stares of passing tourists as I cart my bellowing infant back to the car. Mind you, the car has been in the boiling hot parking lot for the time that we were in the garden and it is not spring chicken. It takes a good 10 to 15 minutes for the a/c to fully kick in and start cooling down the car. Not her best day to say the least.

Flash forward to tonight: Wish me luck. Let’s hope that the ceiling fan in her room will keep her cool enough not to pitch another ‘I hate the heat” fit. Leave it to me to give birth to a baby in Miami who hates to be hot.


~ by CableGirl on Wednesday, June 6, 2007.

5 Responses to “the Miami heat”

  1. I am with you girl. My kids are exactly the same except now one of them actually sayd – too hot ma-mom TOO HOT! As if I can control the sun.

    We send daddy ahead to cool the car & bring it ’round while mama waits in a cool spot with the kids. This way, everyone is a little happier – except for dad, but do we really care? LOL

  2. Oh as for the house, try letting her play in the bathtub as long as she can stand it. It will not only cool her off it will knock her out too. Freezer pops are nice too or ice in those little fruity bags I mentioned.

  3. I remember we returned to our Tucson house after a weekend away at Grandma and Grandps’s Air Conditioned home, to find that our swamp cooler was kapot! So, not only were we facing a 110 degree day, we were living in a house that hadn’t been cooled at all for THREE DAYS. It was a total sauna!
    We slept that night in the living room under the only ceiling fan and used a spray bottle to mist our skin as we roasted the night away. It was miserable. I wish we had gone to the expense of getting a motel room for the night. I was really wishing so at 3:00 am with a writhing sweaty toddler by my side…
    Ugh, I am feeling for you.
    Hope you survived the night!

  4. Sounds like Comcast. I have ranted asbout them several times. They suck.

  5. I never liked the heat either…it’s really hot today and I’m dreading taking the dog outside.

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