repair day… maybe

We made it through the night. Or rather, CableDad and MJ made it through the night. I was lying awake in bed until past 2 am unable to sleep. CableDad was happily snoring, which just may have had something to do with my insomnia. MJ went to bed without complaint at 8 pm as usual and only woke up angry about the heat once, at 4 am. I told CableDad to go sleep in the office so he could be well rested for work today while MJ and i were up until past 5:15. When she finally fell asleep again, I got back in bed and remained awake until about 6:30. Of course, this morning MJ decided to wake up early so at 7 am we were both out of bed.

Luckily we won’t have another such night because of the heat. The air conditioner repair man showed up, miraculously when he said he would! Unfortunately his timing wasn’t the best. Since MJ woke up early it was difficult getting her to stay awake long enough for him to show up before a nap was mandatory. Well, as soon as he showed up I told him that I was putting the baby down for a nap and that if he needed me but I did not answer the door right away, that was why. Well, during the time that I was putting her down (20 minutes tops) he went back and forth to his truck no fewer than 6 times. I know this for a fact because he didn’t bother to disarm his alarm at all before opening the door to his truck. 6 times he woke MJ up just as she was falling asleep. Bastard! Why have an alarm at all if you aren’t going to use it properly? Disarm the damn thing before opening the doors. I’m pretty sure that’s how they are supposed to work.

Anyway, the good news is that I’m no longer sweating my ass off in my own house. It is no longer cooler outside than in.

We are now awaiting the arrival of the cable guy (not to be confused with the CableDad). Everything seems to have broken all at once. Yesterday I phoned the cable company to inform them that our cable is out. Here is a brief run down of that conversation:

me – Good morning! I need to make an appointment to have a repair man come out to my house. My cable seems to be out. I get regular stations but none of the HD channels and none of the pay stations.

operator – Ok, can I have your phone number.

I give it to her.

operator – Ok, it looks to me that you are supposed to have basic cable, HD channels and some pay stations.

me – Yes. Right now I only have basic cable. Nothing else is working.

operator – I see. Well, you should be getting HD channels and pay stations.

me – Yes. But I’m not. Can I make an appointment to have a repair man come out and take a look at it?

operator – You don’t have the other channels?

me – No. Just the basic cable is working.

operator – Yes, well you should be getting the HD and pay stations.

me – Yes. I should. That’s why I’m calling. I’d like to have someone come out and fix the problem.

operator – I see. Well, you should be getting those stations. My computer tells me that you should be getting them.

me – (sigh) Yes. I realize that. But I am not. Can I schedule an appointment?

operator – Well, I could try to arrange for someone to come out there to look at it.

me – Great idea!

operator – You see, you should be getting those stations.

me – Yes.

operator – Would you like to make an appointment.

me – (rolling eyes) Yes.

operator – Well, I can schedule an appointment for tomorrow afternoon. Would you like me to do that?

me – (wondering if I should try another language entirely) Yes. Please.

operator – Well, should I schedule that for you?

me – (sigh) Yes. Please.

operator – Ok. Someone will be there tomorrow between 12:30 and 4:30. You really should be getting those channels.

me – Yes. Thank you.

Mind you, the last time I scheduled an appointment with the cable company they never showed up.


~ by CableGirl on Thursday, June 7, 2007.

8 Responses to “repair day… maybe”

  1. I am having the exact same problem with my cable – basic but no movie channels that I should have. And the most frustrating part about it is that the last two times I have had someone come out and look at it, it miraculously starts working and the cable repair person looks at me like I’m totally insane. *sigh*

  2. Well, aside from the fact that you *are* totally insane….

    I know what you mean. Kind of like when you bring the car into the garage because of that unidentified dashboard light that keeps going on but isn’t when you bring it in… lol

  3. Ha, ha, ha, etc. The joys of home ownership!! Sweetie, I think you may need to write a book about your “stay-at-home-Mom” experience. You seem to have that Erma Bombeck writing gift that had me laughing my ass off.
    Hugs…and kisses for Miss Morgan,

  4. Ack! Snorting coffee over this conversation with the cable girl. Crazy!
    You really should be getting those channels you know. There must be something wrong WITH YOU that you are not getting them. Are you certain you are not getting them?

    I hope your cable guy shows.
    Hooray for A/C guy! (well sort of.)

  5. So…who’s on first?

  6. I would have cursed out that idiot of the woman. There would be quite a lot of “no s*** Sherlock’s” and other such vulgar expressions.

    Next time, after that first idiot statement…demand to talk to her supervisor. Hopefully the supervisor’s have higher IQ’s than the low 70’s.

  7. Just had to come back to say, you are friggin’ hilarious! That comment on the SHOES shot is to die for!
    You da best!

  8. Jenn – I aim to please. šŸ˜€

    Silver – On a bad day, I’d have reacted just like that. Other days I pretty must just feel pity for the thick headed. Besides, cursing at the operator would not have brought the repair guy any faster.

    But, update for you all: He did show up. And he actually fixed the problem!!! Who’d have guessed. lol

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