Makeover Monday

hrm. Didn’t seem to be as productive this week as I was last. Let’s review:

Last week’s goals:

I still want a daily shower

Yeah, not so much. I went to the gym on Monday and Wednesday and the kickboxing studio on Tuesday and Saturday so I got to shower on those days. That’s close, though, right? At least I showered after sweating and getting smelly.

I still want to go on a date with my hubby

We sort of accomplished this. On Saturday we went and got tattoos together. Does that count as a date? Sure, why not. This weekend, however, will be a real date weekend. My mother is taking MJ from Friday until Sunday and CableDad and I are going to live it up in a hotel. I’m hoping that includes plenty of time for reading and showering. 😀

I need to get to the post office to send out the CDs I’ve promised to friends

Yeah. Haven’t done that yet. Hopefully tomorrow.

I also like the idea of waking up early enough to have to quite time to myself in the morning, but we’ll see how MJ feels about that.

I’ve managed to do this on two days this week. The rest of the time she woke up early (damned teeth. Just come in already!!!).

Goals for this coming week?

  1. get to the post office
  2. go on a date with CableDad (I’m putting this one up as a goal because this way I know I’ll accomplish at least one this week. 😉 )
  3. finish making the baby food I have planned. (I bought nectarines, peaches and parsnips this weekend.)
  4. go see a movie over the weekend (totally possible. See above comment on the baby free time.)
  5. go to our favorite Japanese restaurant for dinner. (I feel like I’m cheating this week since most of my goals are already things we’re planning for our MJ free time.)

I’ll just stick to those this week.

*** *** *** *** *** ****

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~ by CableGirl on Monday, June 11, 2007.

6 Responses to “Makeover Monday”

  1. Yeay! I can’t tell you how cool I think your tattoo is. I have wanted to get one to symbolize motherhood and my children, just couldn’t figure out what to get. Now you have my mind racing again. Looks like you have a fun week planned. Good luck!

  2. Only us moms can relate to the daily shower envy thing!

  3. 1,000 Monkeys. 1,000 Typewriters. (MoM #2)

    I am failing miserably at my long-term MakeOver Monday goal, via MoodSwingingMommy’s blog carnival. A little over a month ago, I set a goal to step back and release some of my control issues. Just let it be. Unfortunately, I forgot to outline just exa…

  4. Oh my God. A daily shower. That is a far loftier goal than my own. No kidding. Odds are I’ll be able to totally solve my control issues before I’m able to start taking a daily shower.

    Thanks for coming by to visit! I’m off to explore your site some more. Love your Mark Twain quote by the way… First stop, “Why 42? I’ll tell you.”

  5. Thtat tatoo thing looked very cool, best of luck for this weeks goals

  6. I’d say you had a very successful week!

    First off, I’m so freaking impressed at all the working out you did, even if it wasn’t an official goal (or was it?) You rock!

    Getting tattoos counts as a date in my book, but hell, throw in a dinner and or movie date this week as well!

    I’m making baby food too. Fun, isn’t it?

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