a little R&R

Today’s the day!  Oh yes, today’s the day.  Today is the day that I drop Miss MJ off at her Nonna’s house and CableDad and I get a weekend of baby-free-time.  WAAHOOO!!!!

Is it awful that I’m this excited?  Just to satisfy my own guilt issues before they arise… of course I love being aorund my daughter.  Of course I’ll miss her terribly.  Of course I’ll be thinking about her the whole time we’re away.  And of course I’ll have to restrain myself from calling my mother’s house 100 times during the weekend to check up on her.

Set all that aside and what’s left?  Wahoo!!!  We’re free for the weekend!

I’ve had this fantasy for awhile now that I’m lying in bed half asleep at 7:30 in the morning and there is no baby monitor and no reason to get up.  In this fantasy I look at the clock, sigh, roll over and go back to sleep until at least 10 am when breakfast arrives in bed.  *sigh*  Sounds good, right?  You bet it does!

When CableDad and I originally planned our weekend getaway we were thinking of heading down to Key Largo and kayaking a lovely Saturday away.  Then it dawned on me that this is South Florida and June.  Yeah, not so likely to have the perfect sunny mosquito free weekend.  I realized that I had to have a plan B.  Plan B morphed into going out to dinner at our favorite restaurant (one to which we have not returned since MJ’s birth since it isn’t exactly baby friendly), maybe seeing a movie (again, something we have not done since MJ’s birth since I refuse to be one of those obnoxious people who brings a baby into a theatre and disturbs the whole audience when she cries.), and staying overnight in a nice hotel.  The more I thought about it, the more I realized the Plan B was really my Plan A.  Plan A now includes ordering room service for breakfast and lounging in bed until at least 10 am.

CableDad and I have also set out some rules of engagement, so to speak.

Rule One: No Cell Phones.   Well, that was the original thought.  Then it occurred to both of us that it would be best to have a phone in case of emergency and my mother needed to get in touch with us.  So Rule One was slightly modified to read: CableDad’s cell phone is verboten.  At least this way he can’t get called by work.

Rule Two: No Computers.  This one will cause me a good bit of strain because it means I can’t surf and blog, but hell, it’s worth it.

Rule Three: No Phoning to Check in on MJ.  *twitch**twitch**twitch*

Rule Four: Grown-up Conversation Only.  Diapers, baby food, bottles, etc will not be discussed at all during the weekend.

For all of you who were kind enough to show concern the past few days, yes, my back is significantly better.  No, it’s not perfect and yes it is sore, but hell, even if i were in traction I wouldn’t miss out on this baby-free weekend.


~ by CableGirl on Friday, June 15, 2007.

7 Responses to “a little R&R”

  1. Oh, Yeah! Today is the day!
    Have a grand, indulgent, baby free, wonderful time.

  2. have a good time

  3. yay, have a great time! 🙂

  4. Oh my goodness. I want to hear all about it when you get back and I do mean ALL about it. I want to know what you ate and when because I will be living vicariously through your post. I, my dear, have yet to have one of these R & R thingys since baby number one was born – and that was 3 years ago. I have no babysitters, no nanny and no family willing or capable of taking my kids for even 15 minutes – let alone a weekend. Oh how I want details!

  5. Have a great time!!

  6. No guilt and anxiety *hehehe* Morgan seems to like everything about our house and her temporary sleeping arrangement. She slept until 8am (grumbled at 4am and 6am but I ignored it). She, Winston, and Bell enjoyed your food. Missy is focused on the dogs’ tennis ball and the newspaper but, other than that, she’s crawling all over the Florida room and sucking down some dog hair. We had a walk today with M wearing my sunhat–sorry, didn’t have the camera with me. At 5pm she’s having a nap. More later and hugs,

  7. Another good night. MJ again slept until 8am with no middle of the night grumbling. After breakfast Grandpa Bruce decided to take over bottle and playtime. MJ crawled all over B on the floor–dogs were jealous. At 11:35am she’s down for a nap and I’m preparing her lunch. A good time being had by all. Hugs,

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