the Miami Heat, part II

Tomorrow is the official first day of summer and it is hot as hell down here.  I know just how hot it is because the air conditioner in my poor little 14 year old car decided to die today.

MJ and I took a lovely trip up to visit friends in Pembroke Pines (about 45 minutes with no traffic) this morning.  On the way up, lovely.  It was morning and  the day hadn’t really started to heat up yet.  By the time we left this afternoon it was blazing.  As per my usual, I got into the car before I put MJ in her car seat and started it up with the vain hope of cooling it down a little before she got in.  MJ HATES to sweat and I hardly blame her.   Sweating from vigorous activity is one thing.  Sweating from sitting still and trying to breathe is something completely different (…And now for something completely different…  Monty Python haunts the deep recesses of my brain.)

The car was running for, oh say, 5 minutes with the a/c on full blast before I brought her back out.  Yeah, it was still a sweat box.  Ever hopeful that I wouldn’t dehydrate both myself and the baby before making it half way home, I thought perhaps it will cool off as soon as we get moving.  Not so much.  Then, of course, we got stuck in bumper-to-bumper-not-moving-an-inch-in-10-minutes-traffic.  MJ, of course, felt the need to loudly voice her objection to the situation… the entire way home.  Poor kid.  First the a/c in the house dies and now this.

Looks like it’s another trip to the mechanic in my near future.

~ by CableGirl on Wednesday, June 20, 2007.

5 Responses to “the Miami Heat, part II”

  1. UGGGHH! What a pain! I’m so sorry. I’d be melting and have a very strong temptation to suddenly up and move to Alaska.

  2. No air conditioning should be used as a form of torture, not something the average gal/guy should have to go through- EVER. With that said, I recently made a three hour trip with the temp being around 36 degrees (Celsius, sorry I don’t know what the conversion is), without air conditioning. I think I lost 10 pounds in sweat. Wow. That’s such a pretty picture.

  3. Oh, Ugh. What a nightmare for you both. SO SORRY! When the temps even approach the 30’s here (90ish Fahrenheit) the whining begins in earnest. Most homes and businesses lack A/C in Europe so it gets sticky to say the least.
    I hope there is some cool air in your car soon!

  4. The air in my car doesn’t work too well either.


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