So, I freely admit it. I’m a diaper junkie. Yes, that sounds odd, but I have a strange fascination (ok, obsession) with cloth diapers. I just love them. I can’t get enough of them. I much prefer to wrap cloth around MJ butt than regular disposable diapers since ‘sposies give MJ diaper rash. Never mind the fact that those FuzziBunz are just so damned cute and can be color coordinated with her outfits. (Look, I already admitted to being a freak about this.)

However, we will be doing quite a bit of traveling this summer and at the places we are going I really don’t think the idea of washing shit filled cloth diapers will go over well. So I started searching for an alternative that wouldn’t make me feel guilty for contributing to the growing landfills or cause major MJ butt rash. I bought two different to test out. The first is a disposable diaper called Seventh Generation. I like the concept behind these diapers. No chlorine, no harsh chemicals to cause diaper rash and if the advertising can be trusted (HA!) they reduce the risk of cancerous chemicals being absorbed by the baby’s skin. However, they fail to meet my two major requirements for cloth diapering: 1) They still end up in landfills and 2) they just aren’t cute.

Enter the gDiaper. It has a cloth outer diaper and a snap in waterproof insert. You put biodegradable flushable stuffers in them and voilà! The perfect disposable diaper. I’m quickly falling in love with them. The covers come in many colors and patterns but they hardly ever get dirty because of the inside liner so for the past few weeks that I’ve been intermittently using them I’ve done much less laundry, which, when you think about it, is also much better on the environment.

So far so good.  Really digging them.  And did I mention I can color coordinate them with her outfits?


~ by CableGirl on Monday, June 25, 2007.

8 Responses to “gDiapers”

  1. Hi there! Thanks for dropping by my place!
    I have three grown kids, and two of them have babies now, so I’m sorta out of the diaper stage. And I certainly don’t change THEIR babies’ diapers!

    I hated cloth, though. Apparently they didn’t have the fun ones you do!

    But I’m so glad you found what you wanted!

    Happy Trails!

  2. Wow, the new Diaper Technology practically makes Bossy want to have another baby. Or maybe – not so much.

  3. Cool. I’ve been using Tushies a lot lately. I am over the Kissaluvs as getting them on the babies is a battle. Must go to all in ones.

  4. Uh, those gdiapers are about the coolest thing I have ever seen. We are *nearly* out of diaper stage now (finally!) but dang, if we ever have another surprise (I will shoot myself) I will be looking into this amazing product!

  5. Yes, <b>Stacie</b>, the gDiapers are pretty cool. I still mainly use my FuzziBunz, well, ’cause they rock and are the only diapers absorbent enough to keep her dry at night, but the gDiapers are my new favorite toys. I can’t stand the idea of using disposables.
    <b>Teri</b> Thanks for dropping in. Yes, I’d say you’re probably not too interested in the diaper discussion these days. My mother always says the best part of being a grandmother is being able to hand the baby back. Cloth diapering has undergone a… revolution of sorts since my mom was wrapping my butt in prefolds. 🙂
    <b>BOSSY</b> I’d have to consider a future in advertising if my diaper discussion was actually making you want to go through the baby sleep deprivation thing again. lol

  6. Well as it turns out, my grandbaby might be moving in, and I’m gonna get some of those FuzziBunz! 😉

  7. What is so sad is that I read this post and I remember this post but I didn’t remember that it was gDiapers. Now you know I am getting old when the mind starts going. LOL! So, with that being said, should I take this post as a “Cable Girl” thumbs up for this product? I’m thinking about trying them.

  8. Dayngr – they get a CableGirl seal of approval to be sure. So convenient. Only problem I have encountered is that they don’t really hold enough for night time use. BUT: The solution to the problem is I use a gDiaper insert in my regular cloth diapers and that does the trick.

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