A website after my own heart.

Dayngr has this ongoing theme on her blog: Website Wednesday. On Wednesdays she posts up websites that she has come across and strike her as worthy of passing around, for whatever reason.

That sounded like a great idea to me, so here is my first installment of Website Wednesday.

I have an odd allergy. I am allergic to tomatoes and let me tell you growing up in an Italian family that means hell. I don’t got into anaphylactic shock or drop dead from eating tomatoes (although sometimes I think that might be better). No, I get food poisoning. I sometimes will be sick for days just from the smallest amount of tomato contamination. It’s not at all pleasant and worse than that, no one ever takes me seriously when I say that I have a tomato allergy. Ok, folks, I realize it isn’t as common (or as life threatening) as a peanut allergy, but I promise you I don’t like barfing for 3 days straight and yes, I AM serious. No, I can’t eat the evil things.

I’ve always thought I was pretty much alone in this torment of mine. Until Hilary showed me the coolest website I have yet encountered. There are other people out there like me! (Ok, well, maybe not exactly like me, but you catch my drift.) So with no further ado, the anti-tomato on-line shopping resource.

In no particular order, here are some of my favorite designs (click on the images for a larger view):


~ by CableGirl on Wednesday, June 27, 2007.

10 Responses to “A website after my own heart.”

  1. HA HA! So happy you like them. I need to go back and find that other one I told you about. You get way too many hits per keyword on that site!

  2. Ok, let’s talk more about this site. The reason I went to it in the first place was an ad that said “T-shirt about Hilary”. Spelled with one “L”. There is one that says “Hilary for President” with one “L” and I am thinking of ordering it.

    This is the list of a million hits for my obscurely spelled name. The tomato shirt was on this list. So was this:

    I reject your reality…

  3. OK, I finally found it!!

    The other tomato shirt:


  4. Ah, I too like cafepress.com. Their t-shirt designs are very funny.

  5. Those are hilarious. We have a friend who is also allergic to tomatoes. Until you, he was the only one I had heard of with such an allergy! My husband and sis-in-law are not allergic to the fruit but completely detest them. The t-shirts will work in all cases!
    Great site recommendation.

  6. My favorite is “You say tomato, I say Fuck You!” LOL! Love it.

  7. Hilary – I LOVE the last one! It appeals to my historian side. 🙂

    Jenn- I’ve never met anyone else with my allergy that’s why I was so surprised by this site. How funny that you know someone else. Make sure you pass the link along. 🙂

  8. What a great idea. hahahaha. I’d love to show up to a dinner with the ol’ in-laws wearing something like that, though mine would be about red meat. You know, something like, “Yes, pork IS red meat, and NO I CAN’T eat it.” I gotta get some stock in this brilliant company. hahaha.

  9. Funny! I mean, not funny, but FUNNY.

  10. Oh, I know what you are talking about! I’m allergic to gluten and sometimes I wish it did more than just make me really tired with a sore stomach. I mean, then at least people would take you seriously right? I think next time someone rolls their eyes when I mention this allergy I will pretend to go into convulsions. I’ll let you know how it goes. 😉

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