Prius dreams

I would LOVE to own a Prius. Right now I’m driving a 14 year old Toyota Camry in a lovely shade of grandma gold, which is appropriate since it used to belong to my grandmother. It’s a good car (nicknamed The Golden Chariot) but it’s old and has been in the shop more times in the past six months than can really be worth it. I know I already complained about the air conditioning once on here. We managed to get that fixed over the weekend for the low low prince of $400. Woohoo. But a/c is not something you can really do without in 90 degree weather with 90% humidity, not unless you like losing 5 pounds a day in sweat. A month or so before that I had to have the transmission fixed, the tires changed, you name it, it had to be done. That was a pretty penny. And although Toyotas are generally pretty good on gas mileage, this one, as I mentioned, is 14 years old so however good it may have been once, it isn’t there now.

I’m not exactly what you would call a raging environmentalist, but I do my best. I give every month to Environment Florida. I walk whenever possible and avoid taking the car unless I really have to. I use cloth diapers on MJ to prevent contributing to land fills. I do my best not to use too much water and contribute to the drought. I recycle everything, in fact, I’ve been known to take recyclables home from other people’s houses when I know they don’t recycle just so that things don’t get thrown out. In short, I try.

The Prius just speaks to that inner environmentalist in me who wants to be let out. Come on, 51 miles per gallon on the highway? 60 or more on city streets? How can that not woo you? The rumor has it that the 2008 Prius will do more like 90 mpg! Ahhh, a dream come true. (Nothing frustrates me more than seeing the excessive number of highly irresponsible, gas guzzling, monster machines on the road, except perhaps for the idiots who drive them.) In addition to the awesome gas mileage driving a hybrid car allows you the right to drive in HOV lanes across the country with only one passenger in the car. Of course, in Miami this may no longer be an issue as there is consideration about allowing people to simply pay a fee to have access as single drivers in HOV lanes. I won’t even talk about how much that annoys me, at least, not today.

The problem with the Prius? I can’t bloody well afford one. Yes, I know all the arguments about how spending a little more now will allow me to save later on gas costs. I get it. the problem is I can’t afford to spend a little more now. It’s not like I have all of my gas money for the next 5 years already in the bank, after all. So, for the time being, my Prius is still just a dream, but I do like to dream about it.

Of course my other fantasy includes a 5 speed copper orange convertible Mini Cooper S. That’s not going to happen either.


~ by CableGirl on Friday, July 6, 2007.

7 Responses to “Prius dreams”

  1. Hmmm… I guess you need to wait for that cute Mini until there are no more carseats, strollers, etc., etc. I can sympathize because in 1970 I desperately wanted a hunter green VW convertible and got a “school bus” (Ford Pinto wagon). Hugs,

  2. So, If/when you get yourself a Prius, make sure you get it for the environment, not the amount of money it will save you. Consumer reports did a study a few months back where it took the price of different hybrids and pitted it against gas efficient cars and found that you never, ever recoup the money you initially spend for the hybrid. Ever. By the end of the car’s life, you still end up paying a couple thousand more than you do for the gas efficient car.

    So if/when you get one, make sure you are armed with all the information. šŸ™‚ I would love our next car, someday, to be a hybrid. Hopefully more improvements will be done by then!

  3. My brother and I were just talking about Mini Coopers the other day. They are so cute, I’d love one.

  4. Prius looks awesome,
    BTW Camri is not that bad..

  5. Are you back from your vacation?

  6. And here I was going mention that I wanted a great big Durango!

  7. Smiling mom – Oh yeah, I know. I’ve done the reading. It doesn’t pan out. However, it may with the new 2008 model. They are talking 90 mpg. How cool is that?

    No, my reasons for wanting a Prius are more environmentally than economically motivated. That and the fact that it’s a Toyota. I’ve never had anything but good luck with Toyotas. (my current issue exempted since the Golden Chariot is over 14 years old.)

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