We’re baaa-aak!

Ok, I haven’t read a damned thing. My Google Reader is over flowing with posts that I know I need to attend to. I haven’t read a single comment put up by anyone on this blog. I’m a baaad blog-girl. (said in the tone of Tweety Bird to Sylvester) I will catch up, I will. The posts that I put up this past week were automated, sad but true. I couldn’t stand the idea of leaving my little corner of the cyber-world un tended for 10 whole days so I pre-wrote and scheduled posts to be put up at certain times. I will get to tending my blog issues this evening as soon as I have started the unpacking process.

Our vacation was enjoyable for the most part. Only a few exceptions reigned. I will go into detail in further posts, but let me just say that an infant with hay fever and allergies to airborne plant material in the Northwest during the dry season is not something pleasant to see. Poor thing could barely breathe at night no matter how often I suctioned her nose. I can say for a fact that I know the sun rises in Steilacoom, WA at around 4:20 each morning. My certainty about that fact stems from the fact that I was up to watch it every morning.

The good news is that MJ is a stellar airplane passenger. She had a blast on the flight out there and slept the whole way back.

Of course videos and pictures were taken, but all in good time.

First I have to catch up on all the wonderful blog entries I missed this past week.


~ by CableGirl on Wednesday, July 11, 2007.

4 Responses to “We’re baaa-aak!”

  1. Welcome back!

  2. Hey nice to know MJ had an awesome trip.
    As far as the bad blog girl goes, yeah will be waiting for you to comment on my blog, you better catch up 🙂

  3. Welcome Back! Can’t wait to hear and see all!

  4. Nice that MJ did well on the plane…wish all kids were well behaved. 🙂

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