I was IMing with Dayngr this morning and she encouraged me to sign up for Twitter. I figured that I’d play along, so sign up I did. I can now give up to the minute updates about what I’m doing for anyone who cares. Not that I think anyone does care, I just thought it was kind of cool. I can send the updates through my mobile phone or through my IM. There is a way to get it on to my blog as well but right now I’m having HTML editing problems. I’ll work on that one later.

For the moment, know that if you have a Twitter account I’ve now signed up under, you guessed it, CableGirl. Let me know if you have an account and I’ll add you to my friends list. 🙂


~ by CableGirl on Friday, July 13, 2007.

4 Responses to “Twitter”

  1. I have one, you guessed it right its Rambler 🙂

  2. YAY! You’ll see more and more people on it once you get your badge worked out and up. I added you too BTW.

  3. Man, perhaps I should give twitter a try again. I had it before but I found I was updating it more than my blog. It’s a bad sign when you start to feel overwhelmed by your twitter function, yes?

  4. The one downside to WordPress is that a lot of NON wordpress widgets don’t work…

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