Her first plane ride

Here we have installment #1 of our trip to Seattle.

She was a star. There are no two ways about it. I was quite nervous about traveling with MJ on an airplane, but as it turns out my baby is in fact perfect. She thoroughly enjoyed the trip and although she didn’t sleep a wink (I’m still not sure how she can manage to do 12 hour shifts of sleeplessness. I know I don’t do them well.) she was having a grand old time.

Since the flight from Miami to Seattle takes a little over 6 hours CableDad and I decided that it would be best if our squirmy monkey had her own seat on the plane. We thought it might help her nap if she had her own car seat. Yeah. Nap, what? I don’t think so. Here is Miss MJ playing contentedly in her carseat on the plane.


And here is CableDad’s version of a family portrait. Pay no attention to the nose picking man in the row behind us.


CableDad has a habit of taking pictures out the window of the plane on every trip we take. Here is the best of the pictures he took of Mt. Rainier. A Beautiful view!


~ by CableGirl on Sunday, July 15, 2007.

5 Responses to “Her first plane ride”

  1. Looks like both MJ and you had a great time, did you get to visit any other place during the vacation? crater lake?

  2. Despite the gene pool, she is THE cutest baby in the world.

  3. She looks very sleepy ha- love the outfit

  4. Looks like she was having a blast!

  5. *squeal* The CUTEST!!!!! And I totally love the outfit!!! =)

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