I’ve got to comment on this one.

One of my favorite bloggers put up a post today that I just can’t leave alone. In deference to her and the fact that I don’t like getting into political arguments with people if I can help it, I decided to post my response on my own blog. Dayngr posted parody of the Democratic National Convention and in doing so showed that she is a Republican and most likely a Bush supporter. I have never been known to discriminate against anyone for any reason, much less political views, but when I disagree, well, I disagree. I don’t plan to do this point by point, but the beginning is as good a place to start as any.

According to her post, the Convention starts out with a flag burning. Ok, wait. So since when are all Democrats haters of our country and flag burners? Now that’s just a spiteful thing to say. I’m a Democrat and while I have to particular belief that symbols should be held sacrosanct (it’s a flag people, not a deity), I certainly don’t condone burning symbols of significance. And since when is waving a flag the only way to show love of your country?

After the Pledge of Allegiance — and based on what follows, I’m surprised that she did not comment that Dems remove “Under God” from their pledge — there is the non-religious prayer. Again, since when are all Democrats godless heathens? And how does it figure that religious = Republican? Because based on the actions of some of our Republican leaders it is quite apparent that Republican does not equal religious. Moral convictions? Only necessary when useful or slandering others. Admittedly, I have no love for Sharpton or Jackson, but my disregard for them has nothing to do with their religious views. It has to do with hypocrisy.

Ted Kennedy. Ah, Ted, who can resist poking fun at at Ted? But to be fair, if you want to harass Ted Kennedy for drunkenness and verbosity, really flip the coin and look at, say, Bush for his previous alcoholism and coke habits (and as any AA member will tell you, once an addict, always an addict) and inability to speak proper English even when sober.

I have to say the two comments that really got my goat the most were the “ceremonial tree hugging” and the gay marriage jibe. First of all, what’s wrong with being concerned with the state of the planet? What’s wrong with being interested in protecting and preserving the environment instead of lining the pockets of big businesses? We do live on this planet and our dependence on dirty fuels is killing it. Are we in denial about that simply because we love our big gas guzzling cars? Talk about the moral low road. Self indulgence to the extreme.

As for the Barney Frank, gay marriage comment, well, that, to me, is just plain ignorant! Does being gay make someone less of a person? Less of a citizen? Entitled to fewer rights? For the life of me I could never understand why any person should care about another’s relationships. Does a marriage between two gay men or two gay women somehow personally effect your own relationships? Is it somehow lessening the commitment you chose to make? The argument that gay marriage leads to the break down the the institution of marriage itself is patently false and ridiculously closed minded. Plenty of good red blooded Americans have been getting divorced for decades with no help or interference from gays. Hell, half of the Republicans leading the impeachment trials were having affairs, but as long as they weren’t gay affairs, that’s apparently ok.

So it is the Democratic party as a whole that is supporting Osama Bin Laden? Funny, because it was the Bush family that had connections to the Bin Ladens through their oil interests, not the Demoncratic convention. But, I suppose it’s convenient to forget that when our Presidential Court Jester likes to rewrite history and change key facts.

I’m also floored by the “Why I hate the military” speech. Pardon me, but what has this administration done to help our military? Reduce the money dedicated to veterans. Pass laws allowing them to lose jobs while overseas. But let’s start with the big one: entering into an illegal war. If you really want to support our troops, how about supporting a government that doesn’t try to ship them off to fight for personal or business interests. This administration has made the military its thug. That’s not to say that others haven’t done it in the past, but let’s not be hypocritical here. The Bush administration is no friend to the military.

I also find the comment on the coronation of Hilary Clinton as highly ironic. After all, it is the current administration that has brought our government closer to an authoritarian regime than any other. Of course the president isn’t accountable to the laws. Of course he can pardon convicted felons simply because he wants to. Of course he can refuse subpoenas because as the president he is above the law. If anything it’s Bush, or more likely his puppet masters since I hardly credit him with the intelligence to act on his own, who is looking for a crown.

Well, there’s my two cents. Now I’d like to get back to my regularly scheduled program on non-political commentary. If you’re interested in a more heated discussion check out Mom’s Tin Foil Hat. She’s full of venom on this issue and loves to debate.


~ by CableGirl on Monday, July 16, 2007.

8 Responses to “I’ve got to comment on this one.”

  1. Great job. You hit a lot of the points I missed. Like Bush cutting veteran’s benefits and not outfitting the military adequately, and how the no bid contracts actually left them without armored vehicles or bullet proof vests. How about Walter Reed hospital? That’s a lot of love.

    And the flag burning. Seriously, didn’t she see all of the Democrats AND Republicans of Congress singing God Bless America after 9/11? I know it’s hard to come up with new material, but flag burning is SO sixties. You know, when Bush was doing coke, getting drunk, and avoiding the draft. But he LOVES the military, as long as it’s other people dying.

    I have no problem with a good joke. I have a problem with hateful inaccuracies. I do like a good debate. The original post was not a debate, it was inaccuracies and hypocrisy disguised as political commentary.

  2. Excellent post P. It’s always good to see people speaking up for what they are passionate about. With that being said, I don’t think you or anyone else for that matter should draw conclusions or make assumptions based on any one post – joke or not. You might actually be surprised to know where I stand on the issues you’ve mentioned, what I do for a living and what ties I have to the military.

    On a side note, I didn’t write the joke, it was from a forwarded email and I thought it was ridiculously funny. The more absurd things are sometimes, the funnier they are.

  3. Wow, your post was great and I am a hater. Nice.

    Anyway, posting that email, whether you agree or not, Dayngr, shows something about what you find funny. I get ridiculous emails such as this from my uncle every week. The last one said how speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi wants take all the profits from the rich selling stocks and redistribute it to immigrants and out of work minorities. (Read – foreigners and brown people)

    Just because I didn’t write it, if I posted that on my blog, it would still be offensive and racist. If people responded to it and told me it wasn’t funny, they wouldn’t be intolerant. Whatever. I am through trying to discuss issues with people who just want to attack people who disagree and then cry for help when they are called out on it.

  4. Dayngr – perhaps surprised is not the right word. Pleasantly relieved might be more accurate. I do know what ties you have to the military. We’ve discussed this before. That was one of the reasons I was so shocked by the post. I’m glad you find your post a joke. I’d think that it might warrant some sort of preamble in that case. My apologies of accusing you of being a Bush supporter. Your chastisement about jumping to conclusions is taken. I’d never gotten the creepy vibe off you before. 😉 However, in regard to one of the comments on your blog, I think calling people who react to what the believe in “sober, humorless twits” quite far fetched.

    Hilary – I’m sorry you were so heavily attacked on the other board. I think it is a great thing to feel passionately and argue for what you believe in. I didn’t take the post as a joke either. However, since Dayngr says it is, I believe her that she doesn’t really feel that way.

  5. I responded to the original post, but will note here as well that I would rather throw my hat in with a bunch of tree-hugging boozers than a party that condones human rights violations (water-boarding a “no brainer” according to Cheney), domestic wire-tapping, an illegal war…

    Of course, I am so stinking liberal that CableGirl may be the only person I know more liberal than I, and I am not so sure about that. By liberal, of course, I mean I think human and civil rights should be extended to all, even those naughty homosexuals and even war criminals (excuse me, enemy combatants). I think we need to protect the earth’s resources. I think free speech should be protected, even the flag burning kind. I could go on. I don’t think I’m really the target demographic for Dayngr’s joke. It might appeal to Ann Coulter, however.

  6. There was a time when pregnant women were FIRED, gays were living in secret, and “liberal” was a badge of honor! Bush didn’t win! Let’s move forward so that our (yes, YOU TOO!) grandchildren have a world that’s fit in which to live. VOTE!!

  7. I’m glad I stopped by your blog first, before Dayngr’s blog…and read the comments here. I was about to throw a fit, but now that I see it was a “joke” email I’m a bit more relieved and calm.

  8. “I am so stinking liberal that CableGirl may be the only person I know more liberal than I, and I am not so sure about that. By liberal, of course, I mean I think human and civil rights should be extended to all, even those naughty homosexuals and even war criminals (excuse me, enemy combatants). I think we need to protect the earth’s resources.”


    Thanks to those who still have the energy to argue with those, whoever they are, who might still support this painfully inept administration. On the bright side, they’re doing a nice job of shooting themselves in the proverbial foot, so…less arguing is necessary lately and more sitting back and smirking. 😉

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