nap strike, day 4

As anyone who has spoken to me on IM or has been following me on Twitter for the past few days knows that I have been suffering through a nap strike.  For example, yesterday MJ woke up at about 7 am and didn’t go to sleep until just before 9pm.  Seriously?  Remember, this is an 8 month old baby.  When I tried to put her down for her naps yesterday she spent the morning “nap” in her crib talking for about a half an hour before she got bored and yelled at me.  In the afternoon there was not even the hope of sleep.  As soon as I put her down she started in with her high pitched keening.  Ear shattering I tell you.  I gave up.  She won.  Mind you yesterday was day 3 of this particular behavior.  I wouldn’t mind so much of a sleepless MJ was a pleasant MJ.  Unfortunately if we are at home and she is not being overly stimulated during her hours of sleeplessness she’s a real… well, bitch.  Just like her mother.

I don’t know if she’s still working out issues from being on vacation or if she’s just decided that sleep is, in fact, for the weak.  What I do know is that I am not ready for her to refuse naps entirely.  Aren’t babies supposed to do two naps a day until around a year old and then settle into one a day.  I mean, I have friends whose toddlers refuse day time naps, but infants???

Oh please, let this just be a phase.


~ by CableGirl on Thursday, July 19, 2007.

5 Responses to “nap strike, day 4”

  1. You have just confirmed that i will not be having any kids!!!! 😉

  2. she is too sweet for me to even think about blaming her 😉

  3. David – I have to admit, some days I put myself off having kids… oh wayt. It’s too late. lol

    Rambler – I assure you she’s not nearly so sweet when she’s over tired and screaming her head off. lol

  4. hey that’s my cutie great neice

  5. See you tomorrow. You need a break from THE MORGAN CRANK!!!! BTW, you are becoming a real trooper. Love you…and THE CRANK.

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