That’s just ridiculous.

I’ve been surfing the news stations this morning while MJ naps (yes, she’s napping) and the ONLY topics up for discussion this morning are Harry Potter and the shrub’s colon.  Really?  Doesn’t real news happen in the world?  How about getting some of that on CNN, or MSNBC or other supposed news stations?


~ by CableGirl on Saturday, July 21, 2007.

7 Responses to “That’s just ridiculous.”

  1. Hey My prediction almost came out true 🙂
    I asked for one more day ..

  2. I don’t want to hear anything about the book until I’ve finished reading it!!

  3. I was predicting about MJ’s nap 🙂

  4. Rambler – hehe.. I’m a little paranoid. 😀

  5. CableGirl and Rambler, What MJ’s mother failed to mention was that “MJ loves to sleep at Nonna’s and Pa Bruce’s house.” Why? We have no idea but she slept until 7:30 am and napped for two hours this morning even with Winston barking. Love that baby!

  6. Babies are ALWAYS good for the gramma! I find it unfair, but I am glad she is taking a nap at any rate. I agree with you about the worthlessness of news about polyps and I am hiding out the rest of today to finish HP before I hear ANY spoilers!

  7. I’ve noticed it’s been quiet in the news rooms…

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