And we’re off, Part II. (aka: seeing an old friend)

Tomorrow MJ and I are off on another adventure; we’re going to NY to visit my grandmother and aunts.  It’s a damn good thing she proved herself to be a good airline passenger since CableDad will not be joining us for this trip.

We have quite the weekend ahead of us.  In addition to visitng relatives I’m going to get to see a friend I have not see in a long,long time.

I met this friend, J.,  when we lived in the same apartment building in Boston and we got on wonderfully.  Unfortunately, she soon moved back to Ireland.  Of course, I moved to Dublin only a few months afterwards so it wasn’t too long before we saw each other again.  J. was actually my savior the first few months after I moved.  She introduced me to all of her friends so I had a ready made crowd of like minded people with whom I could hang out at the pub, something for which I was quite thankful since I was, at the time, attending grad school and had no desire to only associate with people who used the phrase, “a very important work” in regular conversation.  I still remember one night, probably only a week or so after I had arrived in town when she and I went to a concert.  It was not the typical type of concert I was used to attending with loud 40 ft high speakers with funky haired, leather clad punks moshing in front of the stage.  No, this was a totally different type of event, but no less enjoyable.  She took me to see James Brown.  Hell, yeah.  The king of Soul… and did he ever put on an amazing show!  Now there is a man who had style.  I felt good.  I knew that I would. 😉

J. moved back to the States with her husband while I was still in Dublin so I didn’t see her for a while again.  Lucky for me she had moved to NYC not far from where my brother was living.  When visiting him I got the chance to see her a few times.  Now my brother is in Hong Kong and I rarely have an excuse to go to The City (capitalized for all you New Yorkers).  However, I have relatives out on Long Island (see above comment on grandmother and aunts, plus a few cousins) and when we spoke earlier this week she said she’d take Friday off and jump on a train to come see us.  I’m thrilled.


~ by CableGirl on Wednesday, July 25, 2007.

8 Responses to “And we’re off, Part II. (aka: seeing an old friend)”

  1. Have fun and take lots of pictures because you know all your blogger buddies want to live vicariously through you here! LOL

    Since MJ is teething be sure to bring her lots of stuff to chew and suck on during the trip. You don’t want her cranky while it is just the two of you.

  2. Have a great time!!

  3. thanks for visiting my blog
    safe travels

  4. oh, YAY!!! I’m excited for you!

    Haaa, I randomly caught James Brown too, about 4 years ago. It was GREAT!!! LOL

  5. hey have an awesome trip

  6. Have a wonderful time and enjoy The Island 😉

  7. Hope you had a good time with your friend, and of course with your relatives.

  8. Hope you have fun on your trip!

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