Wordless Wednesday



~ by CableGirl on Tuesday, August 7, 2007.

21 Responses to “Jerks”

  1. that’s to funny. Tell him to go light on that.

  2. Good one and it all too often feels true!

  3. This is an illustration from the Dead Sea Scrolls I believe. Censored for people too sensitive to the truth for their own good. Thanks for a laugh. Makes the truth easier to take!

  4. So true, wish that ingredient had been left out!

  5. Oh, so that’s where they come from…all these years I thought they were the spawn of the devil. My bad.

  6. It takes all kinds…..Larson is my favorite!!!

  7. The one jar you can’t see is morons. 🙄

  8. Hahahaha! Too funny … 🙂 Happy WW

  9. Ain’t it the truth. Bwahahahah. Great WW post. 🙂

  10. Where’s the politics, missy?

  11. LOL! XD

  12. Hey CG, thanks for the visit and comment. Happy WW!
    I tried to make a ‘jerk’ comment but couldn’t come up with anything ‘G rated.’ Besides, I’m mostly a nice guy.

  13. That is SOOOOOO true…

  14. I wouldn’t say interesting… LOL
    The old men must have some good laughters up there… LOL
    Happy WW! 🙂

  15. LOL LOL
    thanks for making me LOL today 🙂
    Happy WW

  16. Too funny! Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog! Happy WW!

  17. so funny and too true…lol!! Happy WW!!!

  18. Very funny – and so true!

  19. I love this one!

  20. Bwahhahaha! Couldn’t we have left that out? I think a concentration got planted over here. It’s not working out so well some days…

  21. Ah, Gary Larson was a prophet.

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