Green car coming through.

Ok, so technically the color of the car is red, but, really, it’s Green.

I finally got my Prius. I could not be more excited about it. After long debate CableDad and I decided it was finally time to retire the Golden Chariot. The air conditioning has given out on it twice already this summer and the muffler has also had to be repaired twice but still sounds sick. The general consensus was that if you have to put more money into the car than it’s worth, it ain’t worth it. Enter my new baby.

Yes, I know it’s just a car, but wow, do I love it. It’s already named. MTV. No, not as in Music Television (What a misnomer! MTV hasn’t played actual music in years). MTV in this case stands for “MJ Transport Vehicle”. Come on, our other car was the Golden Chariot. What did you expect?

Anyway, driving around town yesterday in my little MTV was quite a little thrill. I can see already how there will be a daily competition with myself to get better gas mileage. The car’s computer keeps track of my gas usage and there are many many websites of Prius drivers discussing the best driving methods to get the best mileage.  Yesterday I averaged 49.4 MPG heading to and from my mother’s house, that’s half on the highway and half on US1.  Not too shabby for my first day out. 😀


~ by CableGirl on Monday, August 13, 2007.

6 Responses to “Green car coming through.”

  1. Go green power!!

  2. Wow, that’s really awesome! I would love a new car…a new “green” car would be even better!

    Oh, and you have MUCH better names, my mother names every single on of her cars Betsy. It’s getting old.


  4. MTV is beautiful and so is MJ. B and I loved hanging out with MJ and giving you and the Dad a respite this weekend. In this house MJ will probably be spoiled, eat unusual things *hehe*, and be loved all the time. BTW, MTV is soooo quiet!
    Love you,

  5. so very cool.

  6. The Prius is only a 15% starting point. I shall skip the hybrid and go directly to no Petroleum fuel Electric.

    Hybrids are stuck in your driveway when petrol is frozen in gas stations for emergency agency, municipal and military use only.

    Only the EV like the **Think** or the Zenn can get you about when gas and diesel are cut off.

    Brazil did something about it when they were *cut off* in the 70s. Now they are 85% sugarcane ethanol.

    You can get a lot of current info on

    = TG

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