Last week Stacie asked where my political Wordless Wednesday submission was. Stacie, I hope this one satisfies. 🙂


~ by CableGirl on Tuesday, August 14, 2007.

41 Responses to “Cthulu”

  1. LOL so you are voting for the Lovecraft/Yogsoggoth ticket then? Happt WW!

  2. All I can think of is Pac-man!

  3. Never seen that symbol before. I guess I am so far out of the loop. I never reveal to anyone my political association. But if anyone knows me or reads my blog can probably guess it.

  4. HAHAHA. Love it.

  5. Oh, yes, indeed, one graphic captures the whole country. Well done!

  6. 😆

    Why not a virtual party?

  7. reminds me of the bad guys on pac man 🙂 Happy WW.

  8. Another rich and marvelous entry for the WW fun. Fabulous. Really. I missed last week’s post, I shall have to go look.

  9. That’s pretty good.

  10. Excellent that’s dropped my sanity points to zero!

  11. Great stuff, CG! And congrats on the Prius! And I may steal some of your makeover goals, lol.

  12. I’d not seen any of the 2008 campaign pack yet so thanks for a first taste 🙂

  13. nice! hee, hee.
    happy ww!

  14. Very cute! Happy WW! Thanks for visiting mine! 🙂

  15. HA! Good one!

    Happy WW! 🙂

  16. I dont get it! but it looks funny 🙂

  17. I don’t get it either. It looks like Pac Man to me!

  18. hehehe that would indeed make voting more fun. RPG + politics on WW. never thought i’d see it

  19. I’m with you on this one. None of them listen to us anymore. Great post. Have a great WW. 🙂

  20. Cthulhu for President! Why vote for a lesser evil? http://www.cthulhu.org/
    Happy WW! Thanks bunches for the visit and comment.

  21. Cute! happy WW and thanks for visiting mine 😀

  22. Ah, a post just for my twisted political sense of humor.

  23. Oh my! 😉

  24. Err I have no idea what to say about this, I’m bad enough on UK politics

  25. Hi! Actually, I was hunting around for a monkey that would make a good tattoo and found this picture – and immediately knew it had to be my wordless for this week. It is in fact a japanese statue of a monkey god. You just have to love any group of people who would worship monkeys.

  26. It looks like the pacman baddies but other then that I am stumped. I try to avoid US politics lol

  27. excellent! thanks for the visit!

  28. All I can say is giggles, giggles and more giggles!

    ~still giggling~

  29. I think the eyes make it look evil. Kind of reminds of an elephant.

  30. Then there is the whole D&D Cthulu. 🙂

  31. The sad thing is, donkey or elephant, it’s all cthulu anyway. Great WW!

  32. I am SO confused. I don’t know what anybody is talking about here!

  33. Never mind. I went back one more time and now I get it. Sort of. I saw wikipedia link.

  34. I am glad that you shared the explanation! This is my first visit to your website. I look forward to coming back to read your insights again in the future.

    Happy WW!

  35. An excellent choice! Let’s draft Cthulu now.

  36. Interesting. Good post for WW.

  37. LOL…how very fitting!

  38. I believe Cthulhu could win any election, and may even be an improvement on the current situation – ROFL!!!
    Thought provoking WW, good onya!
    Thanks for visiting, Cheers!

  39. I’m just confused! 😉

  40. Sometimes arriving late is better: I would have been clueless (definetely thinking PacMan) but your thursday post explained it all!!
    great ww, have a happy day!

  41. Very interesting.

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