His Noodly Appendage

Here is a link to an explanation of this picture for those who don’t get it.


Wordless Wednesday


~ by CableGirl on Tuesday, August 21, 2007.

55 Responses to “His Noodly Appendage”

  1. What a great site that is and right on target.

  2. hahahahahahahaha! Oh, my, hahahahahahahahaha!
    Oh, can’t catch my breath. Hahahahahahahahaha!
    I love it. I love it. I love it. In truth I love his noodley appendage…
    It’s probably good that you put the explanation link in…

  3. ah excellent, much like the “Institute for Stork Research and Science”…

  4. God one. An iconic image for pastafarians the world over! Happy WW

  5. HAHAHA! Too funny! Happy WW!

  6. LOL….I like this. Happy WW

  7. Thanks for a fun one! And he looks so suave…


  9. LOL – too funny! Happy WW! 🙂

  10. That looks a little too real; religion on acid.

  11. thanks for the laugh!

  12. that is funny–love the picture though 🙂

  13. HAHAHAHA. So great. You always keep us on our toes, you funny girl.

  14. Blessed is his bolognese……

  15. Viva Pastafarianism!

  16. Hehehehe … Thanks for the smile .. 🙂

  17. I bow to the spaghetti

  18. Thanks for the good laugh! 😀

    Happy WW!

  19. Thanks for the fun..Art at it’s best.HA

  20. Thanks for the laugh. Happy WW!

  21. SO COOL!!

  22. I loved this!

  23. Aaah! The Flying Spagetti Monster!!!

  24. Glad you liked the whale. By coincidence I was on your site admiring your noodly appendages just as you were checking out my barnacles.

  25. 🙂

  26. hilarious tis!

  27. Ha ha ha..What an imagination!Noodly appendage! 🙂 Brabs your attention for sure.

  28. I hope you aren’t a member of that group! They seem scary!
    Myself, I’d rather be at an ice-house in Cut And Shoot.
    Happy WW!

  29. Crud, should have pressed the link before getting to the comments – so I can’t make a witty remark. Duhh, uh, off to press the link.

  30. Sorry. I don’t get it. Interesting presentation, nonetheless.

  31. Hotep! This is a great photo.

    I was feeling particularly bad about the war in Iraq today. My WW asks for an end to the war.

    peace, Villager

  32. that is too funny.

    happy ww to you!

  33. hahaha…. so funny. Spaghetti and meatballs! Happy WW!

  34. Fantastic!

  35. hahahah!!! 😀

    happy WW

  36. that got a huge chuckle from me. thanks so much for the badly needed laugh today

  37. Oh that’s funny

  38. buwhahahahahaha… now that’s funny I don’t care who you are… buwhahahahahahh

    Thanks for stopping by.

  39. cute!

  40. FSM rules!!! Great one for WW too!
    Thanks for a great WW post and your visit – Cheers!

  41. Absolutely TOO funny, CG!!! How cool!

  42. 🙂

    The lego recreation of the building church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster made me smile a while ago

  43. You are too funny. Everytime I come here I get a laugh. Keep up the good work!

  44. I always ask myself, as I wear my pirate regalia, What Would The Flying Spaghetti Monster Do?

  45. Te-he!
    So funny.

    Happy WW!

  46. Autofocused made me laugh even more with “Blessed is his bolognese” – so funny, this made my entire month.

  47. who knows he?

  48. Ha-ha-ha 🙂 Funny but cute eh!

  49. Well, now. There’s a creative mind at work.

  50. Interesting.

    My WW is up at:
    http://laurawilliamsmusings.blogspot.com/2007/08/worldless-wednesday.html (UFO House)

  51. That’s a great site and a great message. I think a lot of folks could take themselves less seriously, huh?

  52. Oh the huge manatee!

  53. LOL…I left a comment on the wrong pic. Anyway…love the pic:)

  54. *grin*

  55. It is brilliant! It “rocks.”

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