9 month update.

Last Friday was MJ’s 9 month birthday. We didn’t celebrate it because I was at Uncle Rocco’s memorial service. We also put off her 9 month well baby visit for a week. Today she went in to see her pediatrician.

At 9 months MJ is 21 lbs 8 oz and 27 1/2 inches long. That makes her in the 50th% for height and 75th% for weight. How that’s possible since she is ALWAYS moving is beyond me. He also said that developmentally she is the equivalent of a 13 month old because she pulls up, cruises furniture, takes steps while holding on to my hand and can stand unassisted for about 5-10 seconds. Her next appointment is in 3 months.

Now for my own interpretation of developmental milestones: MJ today learned how to play ball. We were at my mother’s house and had one of the dog’s tennis balls. MJ thought that bouncing the ball was a real hoot. Then she realized that if she bounced it to me I would bounce it back. This elicited HUGE laughs. However, the game didn’t get really interesting until she realized that Winston, the dog, could play ball with her. She would bounce it to him and he, being a Labrador retriever, would give it back to her. She’d squeal with laughter. We have a new game.


~ by CableGirl on Thursday, August 23, 2007.

10 Responses to “9 month update.”

  1. Wow, I don’t think too many 9 month olds would think to play with a dog like that, how cute!

  2. We would only expect brilliance from your babe, darling.

  3. My talented grest niece who is also too cute for words

  4. The pups love MJ. She’s crawling after them, laughing at their attempts to lick every part, and now, she’s throwing their tennis balls *YES*!. BTW, MJ may “talk” to them and her kitties before she talks to us…and…they will understand.

    B and I will continue to encourage MJ’s efforts tomorrow. Kisses,

  5. awesome, all it needs is a pic/video of the Mj playing ball 🙂

  6. It’s so much fun to get these updates about MJ. Having been so far away from those years with my 14-y-o, it’s nice to bring those milestones back.

  7. Watch out! She’ll be walking next week and then going off to college. Yes, it happens that fast!

  8. Who hoo!! MJ is above working above her age level? That’s fantastic. As a teacher, (hello, I’m getting on the soapbox) I can almost always tell which child has people who assist them, or foster growth. On my first day of grade 1 my teacher made all of us kids crawl around on the ground. I subbed at the school she still teaches at and asked her last year why she made us do that. She said that she found that children who crawled slowly, or had difficulty crawling at all, were the kids who were going to need ‘extra help’ in class. She was right.

  9. As a proud Nonna I enjoy everything MJ accomplishes. Today she crawled to the sliding doors, pulled herself up, and appeared to call the dogs. We have pics and, hopefully, her mother can put them up. Also, while I was preparing MJ’s dinner she enjoyed safe kitchen equipment *hehe*. Who needs toys? She’s now sleeping peacefully and givng her parents a night alone.

  10. I’m sorry to hear about your loss. Glad to hear about MJ’s progress! Happy belated birthday MJ!

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