Obviously not Trekkies…

Not that I am one, mind you…

Explanation. I seem to have to provide a lot of these.

Wordless Wednesday


~ by CableGirl on Tuesday, August 28, 2007.

40 Responses to “Obviously not Trekkies…”

  1. Oh that’s too funny – I’ll have to share it with my hubby (who is a Trekkie)! Happy WW 🙂

  2. excellent! No one deserves the redshirt treatment… 😉

  3. Hmm guess that advertising exec didn’t watch StarTrek when they came up with that one…

  4. Haven’t a clue here. Don’t get it??? Anyway, have a great WW. 🙂

  5. Thinking of the life expectancy of the usual red shirted member of teh original Enterprise (Scotty aside) I would not wish anyone the red shirt treatment! Happy WW

  6. Take good care of your heart! American Heart Association “Go red for women”! 🙂


    Happy WW!

  7. Isn’t a “red shirt” some sports term? Neat photo though.

  8. Glad you put up the explanation or I would have been clueless! Funny now that I get it!!

  9. Thanks for that one and for bringing this non Trekkie up to speed.

  10. Better to be a Browncoat!

  11. That was brilliant! I didn’t get it without your explanation. I wouldn’t want the redshirt treatment either.

  12. Well…as long as THEY are wearing the red shirt….and NOT you, hey, que sera!!! What a funny sign!!!

    Happy WW!

  13. thanks for the additional info … I wouldn’t have known! lol.

    happy WW

  14. That is just damn funny! Who is THEIR PR guy?!

  15. Scratch head. Read explanation. Slap head.

  16. Sorry you had to give an explanation…..

  17. Who expected WW to be a learning experience! Great post!

  18. as a non-trekkie, i appreciate the explanation.

  19. Hah. Too funny. (Yes, I am a big geek.)

  20. You’ve got a wry sense of humor. Which I get thanks to your explanation. Very funny.

  21. Red shirt is a freshman on a sports team who can’t play his/her freshman year. Because they are ‘red shirted’ they will play thier fifth school year, which a majority of the college atheletes must do. It’s a hard life, going out for sport AND studying.
    I’m not sure that the hospital had either of these options for red shirts in mind.
    Happy WW!

  22. Oh yes, I was in Sicily, Italy. Adi was at our golf club at the golf bag drop off area.

  23. Funny. I think of “red shirt” and I think of the same thing Jim said. Additionally, I have the added benefit of being married to a native of Manchester, England who loves his Red Devils (Manchester United Football Club).

  24. I’ve always heard a different story of red shirts…

    There was a captain on a ship (back in the days of sailing, not in some future time). One day, the first mate runs up and says, “Captain, there’s a pirate ship approaching us on our starboard side”. The captain tells the first mate, “Fetch me my red shirt”.

    The captain dons his read shirt and valiantly fights off the pirates.

    A few days later, the first mate comes running up and says, “Captain, Captain, there’s three pirate ships approaching our stern”.

    Again, the captains says, “Fetch me my red shirt”. Again, they valiantly fight off the pirates.

    Afterwards, the first mate asks why the captain always dons a red shirt before fighting pirates.

    The captain responds, “Well, it’s like this. If I get wounded and start bleeding, I don’t want my crew to see the injury and get demoralized.”

    The first mate is impressed, and keeps it in mind when he comes running to the captain a few days later.

    “Captain, Captain,” he says. “There are twenty pirate ships sailing straight at us, dead ahead. Should I fetch your red shirt?”

    The captain gravely looks forward and says, “No, fetch my brown pants.”

  25. Actually, if you study the picture, you’ll see a bit of red smear. That is my traveling monkey. My friend the biologist who studies frogs (in their natural habitat – no caged frogs here) sent it to me with a long letter explaining how it wished to travel and see the world. (oddly enough, my biologist friend is english and the travel monkey is plastic – but the letter was in french – and yet, I understood it.)

  26. I haven’t seen an episode of Star Trek in ages, but I got it!

    Happy WW!

  27. Had to read the link. 😆

  28. very interesting now I know hehe!

  29. Neat advertising idea, but sad to have to explain it to so many in a generation… even from the 60s and 70s

  30. Take care people. well it goes to me too

  31. That is too funny. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  32. Thanks for the additional explanation!!
    funny sign. Happy ww!

  33. LOL, CG… your caption was TOO funny! You give me such a lift on these Wednesdays!

  34. LoL! I’ll admit that I didn’t get it until I read the explanation, but now that I know what it means, I think it’s hilarious. Happy WW!

  35. No explanation necessary for me!
    And now my full reaction.

  36. You know that’s me up there. jenn in holland? I am too lazy to log out and back in. Plus I need to get to the site to work on YOUR POST for tomorrow! 🙂

  37. Eeek! I don’t want to use them! (I got this week’s one!)

  38. Very, very funny – you were one of the few who got my reference to The Graduate on my site 🙂 Thanks for visiting..

  39. Bahahahaha . . . thanks for the explanation. I was totally lost for a minute there.

    Thanks for stopping by Colloquium. Don’t be a stranger!

  40. LOL!

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