Where in history?

I took this quiz from Alison at Eleanor and I.  She seriously always finds the best quizzes.  Ok, maybe most people wouldn’t consider them that cool, but for this history geek, they rock.

Anyway, this quiz was to find out where and when in history you belong based on your personality.  I apparently should have been and ancient Egyptian.  Silly me.  And I spent all that time studying medieval Europe.   If only I had known.

You scored as a Egypt 3000bce-0ce
You like it hot. You are surrounded by a desert on toe sides and an ocean to the north. The good news is no one will want to walk across the desert to get to you for a long time. You will develop your own religion. You will most likely be a worker on one of your Pharos many jobs unless you are royalty, in which case you will be sitting in the lap of luxury.
Norther Europe 1000- 1600ce  83%
Norther Europe 1000- 1600ce
Egypt 3000bce-0ce
South America (pre 1492ce)
Northern Europe (pre 1000 ce)
North America 1492-1800 ce
North America (pre 1492ce)
Ancient Rome 100bce-100ce
Ancient China
Ancient Greece

So where in history do you belong?  Go to Quiz Farm and find out.  Do tell, do tell.


~ by CableGirl on Saturday, September 8, 2007.

5 Responses to “Where in history?”

  1. I’m Northern Europe 😉

  2. Where in history would you best fit in?
    You scored as a Norther Europe 1000- 1600ce
    You live in a changing time for Europe; you will most likely head off on a crusade for the Pope to spread Christendom to the Muslims in the Middle East. If you are not off on a crusade you will be stuck in the middle of the dark ages in a struggle for land, food, and wealth, with God always at the top of your list.

    Totally NOT what I was expecting.

  3. Apparently I was a toss up between ancient Egypt and northern Europe. How they were both 83% is beyond me, but I had a tie breaker question and since I said I would not blindly follow the church, Ancient Egypt it was. 🙂

  4. I was tied for pre 1000 ce Northern Europe, 1000-1600 ce Northern Europe, and Australia. They were all 83%. Perhaps my three-way personality was too much for the quiz!

    Fun though. Thanks!

  5. Where in history would you best fit in?
    You scored as a South America (pre 1492ce)
    You are part of an original American group either the Aztecs, Mayans, Incas or possibly a small independent tribe. You will live in cities whose streets are paved in gold. You will have great temples at which you worship the gods through human sacrifice an offerings.

    I even disagreed with all of the human sacrifice stuff…. I could get into it I suppose…

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