Vegas, Baby!

That’s right. Mamma’s got a holiday! In exactly one week I’ll be hopping on a plane and heading out to Vegas. CableDad is on weekend baby duty and I get to go have fun with one of my oldest friends. Oh yeah, we have a weekend of debauchery planned. Of course, the probably means we’ll end up sitting on her couch watching TiVo’ed episodes of bad VH1 reality shows (and aren’t there just a billion of those) or playing Sims 2. I know, you’re envious. 😉  There has been talk of a trip to a tattoo parlor, as long as Heather doesn’t chicken out…

It’s about time I get to go to Vegas. Almost 2 years ago Heather (of Hialeah Hot House fame) had a big 30th birthday bash (should I not have said that? I never know when people consider it bad to admit to age… whatever. I’M 32 and PROUD OF IT!) out in Vegas. I was in the middle of grading 200+ essays and exams at the time and could not go. CableDad bravely took up the mantle and agreed to fly out to Vegas with one of his buddies and go to her HUGE birthday party in the Mandalay Bay. Yeah, he’s a sport. Take one for the team and all that. He even was so kind as to call me from the party so I could feel involved. Feel like a left out loser stuck at home working, more likely.

Anyway, two years on, I have no exams or essays to mark and have a hubby sized baby sitter for the weekend, although I am curious to see if they are both alive, well and still sane when i return.  (Somehow I think CableDad is going to learn that “oh, just do xyz” doesn’t always work with a baby.)   I’m going to Vegas, Baby! 7:50 pm I am on that flight and outta here. And imagine this, I’m flying without a baby this time which means I can prepare for the flight with my preferred method: a good hour in the airport bar throwing back a few Johhny Walkers to loosen up for the flight. God, I hate to fly.

I plan to take many a photo while I’m gone. Hell, I’ve never seen Vegas, except in that old U2 video and I don’t think that counts. I have every intention of being *that* tourist. In a place like Vegas, who the hell will notice? Afterall, I won’t be one of the hundreds of Elvis impersonators. (Anyone remember the troop of Flying Elvises in Honeymoon in Vegas?) How the hell could *I* stand out. Exactly.

Yes, I do realize that with the Poker Run coming up this weekend and Vegas next that means I get two weekends off.  Baby free and pur unadulterated grownup time.  I know what you’re thinking, yeah.  I’m a lucky bitch.


~ by CableGirl on Wednesday, September 12, 2007.

11 Responses to “Vegas, Baby!”

  1. Sounds like fun- you should try to see a Cirque Du Soleil show while you are there. The Beatle one called “Love” is supposed to be great.

  2. Can’t wait!!! =)

  3. p.s. YES, we’re going to “Love”!!! Did you really think I’d let you come here and NOT take you, of all people, to this giant Beatles extravaganza? 😉

  4. Yup, you ARE a lucky bitch.


  5. Nice! It sounds like you are going to have a great time. I’ve never been to Vegas but everyone I know who has, has absolutely loved it!

  6. Yup. Lucky you is!!

  7. I am so so jealous! Have a fantastic time!

  8. have an awesome time..

  9. Your road trip this weekend AND Vegas??? I am JEALOUS of you, GF! Have a blast!

  10. Now, you behave yourself while you are… Nevermind. It’s Vegas.

    Have a great time.

  11. oh, I’m coming too. where should I meet you guys?

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