10 Month Milestones

Yesterday was MJ’s 10 month birthday. Sadly, the day got a little lost in the chaos of our return to Miami, an out of town friend visiting, our air conditioning breaking AGAIN and the fact that my mother called me up to say that she (MJ, not my mother) may have swallowed a magnet over the weekend (more on that later). So , with n o further ado, here is the list of milestones for 10 month olds which I pilfered from Stacie again, and I believe she took from What to Expect.

90% of babies can…
stand holding on to someone or something yes

pull up to a standing position from sitting yes

object if you try to take a toy away LOUDLY!

say “mama” or “dada” indiscriminately Yes

play peekaboo Her favorite game.

exchange back and forth gestures Yes

75% of babies can…
get into sitting position from stomach Yes

play patty-cake or wave bye-bye No

pick up tiny object with thumb and finger Yes

walk holding on to furniture Yes

understand “no” Yes

50% of babies can…
stand alone momentarily Yes

point to something to get needs met Not really

say “mama” or “dada” discriminately No

25% of babies can…
indicate wants in ways other than crying Yes

play ball (roll ball to you) Yes

drink from a cup Yes, but it’s like Niagara Falls.

pick up a tiny object neatly Yes

stand alone well No

use immature jargoning Not quite sure what this means.

say one word other than “mama” or “dada” No

respond to a one-step command with gestures Yes

walk well No


~ by CableGirl on Tuesday, September 18, 2007.

3 Responses to “10 Month Milestones”

  1. Niagra falls :)) picture please 😀

  2. I would not want to be on poop patrol right now. 😉

  3. What they fail to mention is that babies tend to focus on one skill set at a time or one thing. So while my 15 month old is not walking yet and shows absolutely no interest in it, he’s been talking for a while and is great with his fine motor sills. I didn’t realize that with my first and I was concerned that he was such a late walker.

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