A Minor MJ Update

Yes, I have been remiss. I know this. In hope of redeeming myself I will tell you that I have a lovely little video of MJ getting a doggy-back ride from Winston, my mother and step-father’s yellow lab. I will be posting that up ASAP. I swear. I also have a load of other videos I need to take and that is the meat of this post. So, for you curious readers, here is a Minor MJ Update.

Tooth # 7 has come through. Numbers 8 and 9 are fighting their way to the surface.

Crawling is now so passe’. MJ goes nowhere unless she can cruise there. (For those of you who are not knowledgeable about baby lingo, “cruising” means that she stands up and walks along holding on to the walls and furniture for balance.)

Cruising is, in fact, becoming passe’ as well. MJ now can stand on her own for fairly long periods of time with no difficulty and she is now attempting to take her first steps. She walks like a pro holding on to my hand (yes, one hand only, isn’t she cool?) and she can take one step at a time to get from, say, the couch to the wall, but I don’t consider it “taking her first steps” until there is more than one in a row. Baby steps, Bob, baby steps.  Her new favorite mode of transportation while out in public is to push her stroller along and walk behind it.

I’m pretty sure she has started saying “Dada“. I’m a little disappointed that it isn’t “Mamma” since I’m the one who busts my ass all day taking care of her, but hell, Daddy is much more fun since he plays with her every time he sees her and doesn’t try to make her do annoying things like take naps or hold still long enough to get a diaper on. You might ask how I can possibly be unsure about whether she is saying “Dada” and that would be a reasonable inquiry. She says “Da!” and puts her hand on her forehead every morning as CableDad is on his way out the door. When he walks out she says “Da?” and looks expectantly at the door until he inevitably pokes his head back in to say “goodbye”.

You may have pricked up your ears in confusion when I said that she puts her hand to her forehead. I’m pretty sure that is her way of waving bye. She makes that gesture every time anyone waves at her.

Finally, yes, finally MJ has learned how to clap. In fact, this new found skill coincided with her ability to stand on her own. One day she was playing with her remote* while standing at the coffee table and decided that she needed to hold it in two hands. When she realized that she wasn’t holding on to the table she dropped the remote and started clapping. Go figure. All this time I was trying to get her to clap when she was sitting down. Little did I know that such an effort required standing.

She is most certainly beginning to comprehend what I say to her and she responds appropriately. When she heads for something I don’t want her to touch I tell her “not for MJ” and she stops in her tracks and looks at me. Sometimes she will try to go for it a second time, but after I repeat “not for MJ” she will (most of the time) come to me instead of the thing I want her to avoid. The other phrase she responds to properly most frequently is “not in the mouth.” I started saying this to her because she kept eating all of her books. I wanted her to look at the pages, not eat them, so we started working on “not in the mouth”. Now when I say that to her she takes whatever she has been trying to chew out of the mouth and looks at me. The next phrase I’m working on is “don’t pull hair”. I think my reasons for that are pretty obvious.

I’ve been brushing her teeth since they first sprouted. It’s not a proper toothbrush but a finger sleeve with bristles on the end. She’s always enjoyed having her teeth brushed, after all it feels good on gums sore from teething. Well, she has now decided to take matters into her own hands, literally. When I put the finger toothbrush on and bring it towards her she grabs it in both hands and brings it to her mouth then proceeds to shake her head back and forth. She doesn’t have the coordination to move the brush with her hands, but she certainly gets the point. (Kimi, I thought you’d be proud of her.)

Ok, I think that about sums up the latest developments. I’ll work on getting a video or two of her cruising the walls and standing up on her own.

* “her remote” Yes, MJ has her own remote. This was CableDad’s way of getting her to not eat the TV or DVR remotes. Since nearly everything goes in her mouth, the remote controls were no exception. So, in an attempt to get her to leave the irreplaceable remote controls, CableDad designated the XBox remote as hers. Now whenever she wants to grab for the one in his hand, he hands her hers.

~ by CableGirl on Monday, October 1, 2007.

4 Responses to “A Minor MJ Update”

  1. quite a list of accompolishments for our MJ. Eagerly awaiting the videos and any pictures you can post. seems like she is well advanced of the ones I have

  2. WOW! MJ is SUPER advanced! Coolness! Can’t wait to see that video!

  3. That’s awesome that she “obeys.” Our girl looks at me, goes back to doing it. If I say “no” again, she starts crying. 😦 The walking WILL soon follow, definitely go buy the helmet now! They are so fun at this age, huh?! My hubby and I have decided that between 10 and about 18 months is the MOST fun time… everything is SO NEW to them it’s so fun to watch! 🙂

  4. awesome cablegirl, was waiting for an MJ update for long now 🙂

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