Menu Plan Monday

So this week I’m trying something new. In line with my new Makeover Monday goal, I’m going to try a new weekly meme. I’m going to try to write up a weekly menu. I may not have all the details worked out this week, but I figure as I get more practice doing this I’ll get better at it. So here goes, my first weekly menu plan:


Lemon pepper chicken strips

spinach salad


Talapia fillets with sirimi and breadcrumb stuffing

Jasmine rice

broccoli florets


split pea soup

roasted pork loin


Lamb chops

spaghetti squash


three cheese pasta with anchovy pesto sauce


Take out? out to dinner?


I’m at a loss. I can’t think that far ahead. πŸ™‚


~ by CableGirl on Monday, October 8, 2007.

11 Responses to “Menu Plan Monday”

  1. Why don’t you move Tuesday’s menu to Sunday since you’ll probably have dinner with us…Yes?

  2. I do this every week Paige and it’s been great! We don’t always actually eat what I have planned for that day, but it means that when I do go to cook, I always have the ingredients. I’ve also found that when I menu plan, our grocery bill is a lot smaller.

  3. Your menu plan looks absolutely fabulous! I don’t think you need any help in this department =) !!

    I love menu planning because it makes my life easier not always having to figure out what to have for dinner at the last minute. I also like being flexible with my menu so if I am not in the mood for something one night, it is not a big deal to switch things around!

    Happy cooking and enjoy your eating!

  4. I love the meals you chose this week–they all look delicious!! Have a great week

  5. I do this most weeks – it’s a great time and money saver, and we all eat healthier, too!

  6. If I ate meat, the week would look like paradise πŸ˜€

  7. OH! I am swiping some of your ideas, if you don’t mind! This week is looking good already!

  8. Those sound good. I need to get motivated to do the same. I am lazy though and tend to make things that we can eat for two or three nights. How is MJ doing with the food? Are you looking for stuff that all three of you can eat?

  9. Welcome to MPM and thanks for joining us!!! Your menu sounds delicious!

    Laura (orgjunkie)

  10. Don’t forget to add in a left overs day, good way of cleaning out the fridge. πŸ˜‰

  11. Man, I want some spaghetti squash and I want it now. How do you make yours…I like mine with olive oil and chopped basi and a tad of pepper to taste. Nothing too fancy. Great menu, where do you get all that stuff?

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