She walks!

Ok, that is a bit of an exaggeration, but she did take her first solo, unassisted (yes, I realize that I’m being redundant) steps yesterday.  Of course food was involved, as it is for most things with MJ.

She was standing dancing at a dining room chair (She loves to stand up next to furniture and bounce her bottom around.  I call it dancing, it’s more like bopping or half hopping) when I walked into the room with a snack bottle.  I sat on the floor about 2 1/2 feet from her and she yelled her displeasure at me, “Excuse me, Mamma, but isn’t that baba for me?  Then bring it here, you silly woman.”  Well, I took too long complying with her wishes so she let go of the chair and put one foot (mostly) in front of the other and three steps later she crashed to her bottom and yelled at me again, “Hello!  Didn’t you see my effort.  Come on Mamma!  Gimme that darned bottle!”   After much cheering, in which she was not too interested, I handed her the bottle and she sat down to contemplate her new skill.

I’m sure she was contemplating her short bout with walking because with bottle still in mouth she stood up and attempted to walk towards CableDad as he came in through the door.  I was just about to tell him that she had taken her first steps when she decided that I should not steal her thunder.  No, she was going to show Daddy on her own.  Five steps and much applause later she snuggled up to her daddy with baba in mouth, apparently satisfied with her day’s efforts.


~ by CableGirl on Thursday, October 11, 2007.

18 Responses to “She walks!”

  1. yay!!!!!! congrats! video please!!!!!

  2. Such a sweet milestone. Once they are independently mobile, life is never the same.

  3. Congrats to MJ!! Soon she’ll be walking all over the place!!

  4. And now you get to RUN! Run, Mamma, Run!

  5. Uh oh. The party’s over.

  6. You’re in trouble now! There goes life as you know it!

  7. big MJ say Simba now gonna run for his life LOL

  8. OK. I’ll order a gate for the staircase this weekend *wink*. Congratulations, sweet MJ. However, the dog(gies) and kitties are now in deep “doo doo” with you chasing them at eye level.

  9. Quick – child proof the house! Nothing is safe.

  10. oh, so cute! i remember when my oldest took his first steps…hubby and i were sitting on the couch with our 2 week old preemie son, and he just let go of the ottoman and walked over to the TV!

    i can’t wait until my little guy starts walking….he’s 16 months, and is just too lazy to take the leap!

  11. Congrats! Now, come the other important milestones like tying shoes, buckling themselves into their carseats and oh yeah, potty training. She is a cutie.

  12. It is always a moment of pure pleasure to see your little ones take their first step. (And a little redundancy never hurt anyone!)

  13. Woo Hoo for first steps!! Hey mom, watch out now.

  14. I call that walking. Congrats! And I concur… time to start moving everything dangerous, small, breakable, etc. up at least a foot higher than you think she could possibly reach!

  15. get ready to go, go

  16. I have the application ready for her first 5K…
    She is the cutest…and I miss her alot.

  17. Congrats to her! And the proud parents of course.

  18. Ahhh I love that moment.
    My niece baby J did it a few weeks ago. She turned one today and was showing off her tottering skills. It was fab.

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