Two new videos.

As promised we got a video of her taking her first steps. Ok, not really her first since she started doing it a few days ago, but her first captured steps. I don’t call this really walking yet, but it’s cute anyway.

The second video is MJ sitting in front of the kitchen door entertaining herself while she ever so patiently waits for me to get her dinner ready. An important lesson is never stand between MJ (or her father) and food. CableDad narrates her activity.

Check out the video clips page to see them. As always, if you want to see them but don’t have the password, just let me know.


~ by CableGirl on Saturday, October 13, 2007.

5 Responses to “Two new videos.”

  1. Now This calls for a party!! :)..
    it was nice seeing her walk

  2. Can’t wait to see it live. Good for you MJ! Other mother and Ray way hi!

  3. incarcerated TODDLERS demand humane and expedient DINNER! PRISON BREAK!

  4. classic! i’d definitely call that walking.

  5. Ahhhh those are so cute. I love the narration on the binky in/out game.
    And I love her name. That was on our list when we chose Miss M’s name.

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