To avoid a flogging

Since Donna threatened me with a flogging I thought I’d better get some MJ Halloween photos up right away.

This first photo is from the Gymboree Halloween party last Friday. I didn’t bother putting her face paint on then, but you can see her tail here.

Here we have MJ sporting her pre-costume Halloween outfit and at the request of a few of Nonna (my mother)’s clients, a picture of her walking, in the style we fondly refer to as Frankenbaby.

MJ in full costume with her ears (which were a battle to keep on for more than two minutes) and whiskers just before going out trick or treating (sort of, I’ll explain more tomorrow). Just as a side note, she’s laughing at Tiger.


~ by CableGirl on Wednesday, October 31, 2007.

9 Responses to “To avoid a flogging”

  1. There is only one word that fits here: awwww!

  2. nice pics cable girl. 🙂

  3. Frankenbaby! That is such an accurate description of that bizarre gait that babies use!

    Cute kitty costume!

  4. Adorable.

  5. Made my day. Too adorable for words. Great choice of costume. Would like to see yours

  6. as MJ extends her arms to walk in FRANKENBABY mode, she reminds me of how dinosaurs had long tails to balance their bipedal locomotion. now doubt this is the start of a seriously stylin’ future pimp walk.

  7. MJ is so cute she renders this reader slow and full of warm, fuzzy!

  8. The flogging has successfully been postponed…. until it applies again for Thanksgiving and Christmas…
    Aunt Donna

  9. Ahhh she’s so cute. And how good is she with the make up on? Miss E and M’s always ends up smeared all over. What a star.

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