Trick or Treating (or not)

Let me just start by saying that I LOVE Halloween.  It’s actually my favorite holiday.  For nearly 2 years now I’ve been anxiously awaiting MJ’s first Halloween.  This was her first year to go out in costume.  Well, sort of.  Last year she was the belly of a pregnant nun.

Unfortunately, last night was nearly a wash out. Literally. Tropical Storm Noel has been hovering in the Atlantic near the Bahamas for the past few days and we’ve been getting hit with random squalls. Nothing spectacular mind you, just the persistently annoying intermittent downpours. Yesterday was no exception. I was bummed out for the majority of the day thinking that MJ would not be able to go out for her first Halloween and people repeatedly telling me that she’s too young to care did not make my mood better.

Luckily the rain cleared about 20 minutes before we wanted to head out the door. However, we did not Trick or Treat in the traditional fashion. CableDad volunteered to stay home to man the door (read: work all night and sit at the dining room table with his computer getting up only for small children in costumes begging for candy) so my brother Alejandro accompanied us (no, that’s not his real name, but read here to see why I call him that). MJ just loves her uncle so she was thrilled to be able to flirt with him all night. We decided, however, not to go door to door.

Our neighborhood has an event called Safe Streets for Halloween. That means that the police close down the streets and many of the local businesses have employees standing outside distributing candy. MJ exploited her cuteness. As last night’s pictures demonstrate she was a little black kitten.  I carried her around since her tail didn’t really fit in her stroller. Alejandro pushed the stroller and strategically proffered her basket to the candy distributors. We hit a few stores and then headed over to the Kung Fu studio where there was air conditioning. Don’t forget that Miami does not get cool in October. We were still in the 80s last night.

I love bringing MJ to the studio when there are no classes going on (when there are it is a different story entirely and will be another post) because it is air conditioned and the floor is padded so she can wander around in the cool and I don’t have to worry about her falling and hurting herself. Everyone at the studio is incredibly sweet and friendly to her as well. She has taken quite a shine to one or two of the people and is playing hard to get with others. Since the studio was participating in Safe Streets there were a number of little monsters (both literally and figuratively) wandering around. She had a blast.

Alejandro and I discussed hitting a few houses on our walk home, but by the time we left the studio MJ was demanding food (luckily not candy) so we had to go straight home.  Either way, the night was a success.  I got to go our in costume for Halloween with my kitten.


~ by CableGirl on Thursday, November 1, 2007.

8 Responses to “Trick or Treating (or not)”

  1. I just read your post about why you call your brother Alejandro. I would have gone completely nuts. I’m very impressed with you! (and I can’t imagine anything worse than Air Canada, so I’m doubly afraid. We’re westjetters in our house)

  2. The Safe Streets thing sounds like a great plan…wish they did it around here. However, we do have quite a few parents out with kids in groups. She was an adorable kitten!

  3. big MJ laughs out loud. big MJ was a giant tiger-stripped cat with full-body furry costume (also without strange connotation!) big MJ must have read little MJ’s memo.

    big MJ thereby seconds little MJ’s motion to henceforth EXPLOIT OUR CUTENESS to maximum yield, however the council recognizes that little MJ’s minimum cuteness vastly outclasses big MJ’s maximum cuteness by a factor of 42. viva los MJ! hweeehah!

  4. Sounds like you guys still had a blast. Glad the weather decided to cooperate! Isn’t it great to be able to do the Halloween thing again? One of the perks of parenthood. Yup – we did the same. While they don’t shut it down to vehicles, all the businesses in Old Town Pasadena give out candy. We prefer it because there are a lot more kids dressed up (and adults too, like me) and it’s a more festive family atmosphere than walking down dark streets. Maybe when Marcus is older he’ll like that, but for now, getting candy (that comes complete with special cell phone offers) by going storefront to storefront is fine with me.

  5. Just came over here from the “buzz”. First Halloweens are soo fun (oh what am I saying, this was my son’s third halloween and I still was just as giddy about it as the first.) I also went over and read your Alejandro/Escape from NY post. What a nightmare! I tried taking mine on roundtrip 5 hour flights last year and even with priority boarding and no delays, and it’s still not something I want to repeat.

  6. omygoodlord she is so darn cute!
    my hannah went as a kitty at that age but her costume made her look like I should be ordering gin and tonics from her!
    MJ’s is much more appropriate and too damn cute!
    I just blamed you for making me think in my latest post.

  7. Sounds like it was a perfect first Halloween and that Alejandro is a perfect uncle! 😉

  8. We decided to stay home and let the kids enjoy Halloween inside since the storm was raging outside yet, this year we had a record breaking number of trick or treaters! What gives with parents taking their kids out in awful weather and staying out til 11 PM?!

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