Menu Plan Monday, Volume III

I fell off the wagon for the past few weeks and boy did I feel it.  I really need to get into the habit of writing up my weekly menu on Saturday or Sunday nights instead of waiting for the week to kick off.  Today I’m a little behind (I blame Facebook and Scrabulous) but I’m going to try to get organized.

I’m sure the days on which I plan to make these meals will change depending on CableDad’s schedule and I haven’t planned anything for the weekend yet, but here we are, my nascent weekly menu:

MondayLentil quiche. Of course, since i’m allergic to tomatoes I’m going to exclude them and try to find another veggie I’d like to include.

TuesdayBourbon Chicken Need I say more? mmmmm

Wednesday – homemade pizza.  I have pesto left over from when I made it last week so I’ll use it on a pesto pizza this week.

Thursday – Lemongrass salmon

Friday – Linguini with clam sauce.


~ by CableGirl on Monday, November 5, 2007.

4 Responses to “Menu Plan Monday, Volume III”

  1. Oh, wow, I am totally trying that Lentil Quiche. That sounds marvelous. I like the other recipes too of course, but I can’t get ahead of myself. One new thing this week… maybe one new thing next week too.
    Can I come over for the salmon? (no one here will eat that with me)
    ~jenn in holland

  2. The lemongrass salmon sounds wonderful. I’m doing a Tempting Tuesday recipe today, so stop over if you want to try something new! It’s not up yet, though.

  3. Planning and sticking to a pre-planned menu has eluded me throughout my life as a dad. I have tried so many times. Life is just too unpredictable! Ok, fine, I’m just lazy. I LOVE cooking for special occasions, but the rigor of doing it for survival? I just can’t hang. And my wallet pays dearly for that.

  4. Hey, can you come cook for me?! I plan out my meals before I hit the grocery store too.

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