Monday Menu, take 4

So last week didn’t work out quite how I had envisioned it.  Monday’s dinner went off without a hitch and let me just say, if you like lentils and you like quiche, you’ve got to try that recipe (link is in last week’s post).   Tuesday I had planned to make Bourbon chicken, but since MJ was not being cooperative after our trip up to the Kidz Exchange (no, I did not trade her in, just a few of her old items of clothing) we were not able to get to the liquor store to pick up the bourbon necessary to make bourbon chicken.  It’s just not the kind of thing that’s likely to be lying around the house.  Instead I made a great lentil soup.  MMMmmmm, oh yeah, everyone in the house liked that.  Wednesday the pizza went off as planned, but Thursday MJ and I went to my mother and step father’s house for dinner where we had his version of pasta with clam sauce guaranteeing that I wasn’t going to want to make it for dinner on Friday night.  Good thing too.  Since CableDad wound up working until past 10 pm we both only ended up having cereal for dinner.  Not nearly as boring as it sounds, by the way.  For Saturday night’s dinner I offered to make CableDad and salmon I had scheduled for Thursday but he wanted sachette (a type of pasta stuffed with whatever you chose and wrapped up like a little purse) stuffed with cheese and my homemade pesto.  Since it was a special request for comfort food, I complied.  We went out to dinner last night.

So as you can see, last week’s food plan pretty much went out the window.  Let’s see how this week goes.

This week’s nightly dinners as I envision them:

Monday : the salmon with orange juice and lemon grass  I had planned for Thursday night of last week.

Tuesday : Bourbon chicken which was planned for Tuesday night of last week.

Wednesday : orzo with spinach and pine nuts (again, without the tomatoes for obvious reasons.  I’ll probably substitute cucumber chunks)

Thursday :  Squash soup with spicy sausage

Friday :  chicken pot pie (complete with frequent Breakfast Club allusions.)

Saturday : As Saturday is MJ’s first birthday I’m guessing that the three of us will go out for dinner somewhere.

Sunday : MJ’s birthday party.  The plan is to grill some chicken and veggies for a backyard BBQ birthday.

Just to clarify: It occurs to me that when one reads over my menu plan s/he might be disgusted by the idea of cooking week old fish or chicken.  I didn’t buy the fish or chicken last week when I was planning my menu.  We live within walking distance of a Whole Foods and a Gardener’s Market and since MJ and I both are in better moods when we get out of the house at least once a day, we frequently take strolls up to the store during the week to buy the necessities for that night’s dinner.  My weekly (Monday) shopping trip usually is for the purchasing of and cupboard items and produce for the week.


~ by CableGirl on Monday, November 12, 2007.

4 Responses to “Monday Menu, take 4”

  1. ooh a birthday party..

  2. lentils don’t really appeal to me, but coconut? bring it on, baby.

  3. I made a lentil soup with beef yesterday and squash soup today, but mine was without sausage. No, I don’t normally make soup so I’m not sure how it happened that I made it twice this week. I’m sure yours will taste much better! I do the same thing with the meats that you do. I’ve also started doing it with produce since it tends to be wilted by the end of the week. Your menu sounds great. Happy birthday, MJ!

  4. I think everyone in my blogoverse has answered this meme, but it’s my duty to tag others so yeah there it is.

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