Miami foliage

Wordless Wednesday


~ by CableGirl on Wednesday, November 14, 2007.

12 Responses to “Miami foliage”

  1. Oh, what a gorgeous set of colors. That blue in the sky is almost killihg me though…won’t be seeing that hue over here for quite some time.
    Lovely, lovely, lovely…

  2. Hell, You know that’s me when I am signed in with the wordpress ID right? Me, being Jenn, still in Holland. 🙂

  3. Beautiful shot.

  4. Oh, absolutely lovely!!! This sure isn’t what I see in MI this time of year!

  5. Oh wow! That’s so pretty!

  6. That is a nice picture it really stands out. If you like Wordless Wednesday maybe you should check out Funny Monday:0) Here is the link if you are interested:
    Great blog!!

  7. the pink flowers look so pretty…mine is up at 4Seasons Of My Life. See you there.

  8. nice colors..

  9. YES!!! From now until May we we’ll have wonderful weather. The garden is somewhat stressed with lack of water…tomatoes and eggplants…but the herbs are currently thriving. Carambola, however, are ripening and MJ will have her first taste.

  10. Nice! Is that an orchid tree?

    I just planted my garden. I am excited! The weather has been gorgeous. We haven’t had the air on in weeks.

  11. Outstanding! Lovely array of colors, and an excellent choice for WW.

  12. I am missing those blue skies, green leaves, and in my opinion, the most beautiful sunsets on Earth right about now. Instead I have snow, sleet, and hail, take your pick!

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