Is it wrong?

Is it wrong that my pulse just quickened a bit and I felt that pleasant stir of excitement when I saw that Mythbusters is going to do a McGyver episode?


~ by CableGirl on Sunday, December 2, 2007.

8 Responses to “Is it wrong?”

  1. No! That’s definitely awesome!
    Gum + bobby pin + liquid Drano + life preserver = bomb?

  2. That is a perfectly sane reaction because it is a totally kickass concept.

  3. Bossy is the Wrong Police and – no, you’re right, nothing Wrong here.

  4. It should be a good one. I love Mythbusters.

  5. Is it totally wrong that I have no idea what you are talking about? 🙂

  6. oh now THAT is gonna rawk

  7. oooooo! When??

  8. oh man i hope i didn’t miss that!! when is it?!?!

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