I’ve always had an issue with Christmas trees. I mean, it’s nothing personal against the trees themselves, but I hate the fact that this holiday in particular brings about the death of so many innocent conifers. Yes, I do think that Christmas trees dressed up for the holidays are beautiful, but I can’t bring myself to cut one down to appease my aesthetic eye. In the past CableDad and I have compromised on this issue by buying a live tree, still potted. Our last tree we bought our first year in Toronto and it stayed with us for 5 years. We named him Charlie because when we first picked him up he reminded me of that sad little tree in the Charlie Brown Christmas special. He stood about a foot tall and was a baby Douglas Fir. When we left Canada we bequeathed him to a friend with a green thumb. I haven’t asked recently, but I really hope Charlie is still doing well.

Last year, when MJ was a mere 5 weeks old, getting a tree was hardly a priority.  In fact, it was the furthest thing from my mind. This year when we started the search we had quite a hard time finding our Christmas tree. While MJ and I were in North Carolina this past weekend (more on that later) CableDad set out to find our new tree and hit the local Firemen’s tree sale, the Boy Scouts lot and even the garden section of Home Depot. Nothing. Well, not exactly nothing, but all trees that had been chopped down and shipped to Miami for distribution. Nothing still alive.

Then we went on a fluke trip to Winn Dixie to find CableDad some chocolate for his port (long story) and I found him. A cute little Norfolk Island Pine standing no more than 4 or five inches tall, happy and healthy in his pot.

Meet Howard. Points to anyone who knows why I’ve named him that.


~ by CableGirl on Monday, December 17, 2007.

12 Responses to “Trees”

  1. He’s very cute! That’s a neat idea of getting a still plotted Christmas tree. Did you know other people who had done that?

  2. Cute. Why is Howard itching my brain?

  3. Howard Stern? Howard the Duck? Howie Mandel? I’m stumped. He’s a cutie.

  4. Oh, what a cute little guy.

  5. Hahaha. Howard the Duck. Wow, I had forgotten all about him. Cute, but no. Any other guesses?

    Alex, no I don’t know anyone else who does this with their Christmas trees. I just think that more trees should be planted and fewer cut down. That’s why I do it. Besides, it’s nice to have a little tree all year round.

    Hilary, that brain itch you feel? That’s your body calling out for its yearly dose of seafood salad. 😉 You guys still planning on showing up Christmas eve?

  6. I solved the dilemma by just getting a fake one. LOL

  7. Well, Hello Howard! A pleasure to meet you. I am so glad you have a new home. It looks like you will brighten up CableGirl’s home with aplomb!

  8. I’m stumped on how Howard got his name, but being as those ornaments probably outweigh him by quite a bit, his poor back must be really straining right now. Maybe tie him to a chopstick or something for some lumbar support?

  9. That is one badass tree! That tree doesn’t care what the establishment thinks and that’s fine by me. Port wine? Awesome. Which one, I love the stuff from the simple stuff up to LBV and 40 year varieties.

  10. I hear ya! We use a fake one, but I have bought a couple of potted in the past that now live in my Mom’s backyard in Pickering. Greetings from a fellow Torontonian!

  11. OK, you need a medievalist or a nerd for this but here it goes, the name is howard because the tree is a norfolk pine tree, you see, howard family is one of the leading families in england and the dukes of norfolk are the leading members of this family so hence the name howard for a norfolk pine tree..

  12. but chocolate is good with port… i’m just not sure there’s a long story there 😉

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