mmmm, soba!

Wordless Wednesday


~ by CableGirl on Wednesday, December 19, 2007.

7 Responses to “mmmm, soba!”

  1. nice to see wordles picture from you after a long time 🙂

  2. Really cute photo! 🙂

    My DD has the same kind of bib but with another design on it. I love those bibs! 🙂

    I have just posted a photo in my blog…

    Anyway. Happy WW and Merry Christmas to you and yours!


  3. I love those bibs too!

    What a cutie. I can’t believe she is big enough to eat soba.

  4. Oh, so cute. And what is soba?
    It looks like a kind of pasta??

  5. Oh my goodness! How adorable is this??? And how’d I miss it? GREAT photo!

  6. This is such a great composition. And is this your house? It’s gorgeous with the colors and the angles and the everything.

    Cool shot.

  7. Ah, no. Now I see it’s a restaurant. Unless you do have booth seating in your kitchen, which, really is not a bad idea!

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