Looking for opinions

I’ve recently been teaching myself to crochet. As a project, once I got the basics down, I decided to crochet a baby blanket for a friend who is due in March. I’m about a quarter of the way through the project, and I tell you, it will be a cute blanket.

Here’s my dilemma. I just got the invitation to her baby shower in the mail yesterday and much to my chagrin the shower is in 2 weeks. I can’t guarantee it, but I have a sinking suspicion that I’ll not be able to get the blanket done before the shower.

So here’s where I’m asking for advice. Do I get another shower gift and bring it with me? Do I write her a note telling her I’ve been diligently crocheting away but didn’t get to finish the project in time? Do I snap a photo of the work half done and say, “this is what is yet to come, I’ll have it done by the time the baby arrives?”

Any Emily Post or Miss Manners types out there with advice?


~ by CableGirl on Friday, January 4, 2008.

11 Responses to “Looking for opinions”

  1. I’d choose the third. What you’re giving her is the best kind of gift – a gift of love. She’ll love the blanket. My two favorite baby gifts were quilts made by a friend and my MIL and neither arrived by the time C was born. It didn’t matter one iota.

  2. third choice with a note

  3. Yep, I love the third choice too. Your friend isn’t going to care if it’s not done at the shower, but will love the effort and thought you’ve put into the gift. Way to go for making something so thoughtful. I’m sure she is going to love it!

  4. third choice with a nice card, nothing better than a handmade gift, but of course don’t forget to finish it:))

  5. I am still working on YOUR baby blanket. Need I say more?

  6. I would do a #1 and a #3 kind of mixed together. I would get some diapers or newborn onesies or something small but useful, and put them in a bag along with the yarn you are using. Say if it’s pink and yellow get one of each and put it in the bag, so that way she knows what colors/softness she is getting, and then you can put a note saying this will turn into your baby’s blanket (and then you can take the yarn when you leave).

  7. I think a picture of the blanket will work, and if you feel really funny about showing up without a proper gift…you can get something small, but really useful that most people just don’t think of.

  8. I think the picture of the blanket–possibly the one used in your pattern–and a note would be sufficient. But knowing me, I’d also wrap up something like a package of diapers to give her something to “unwrap” at the party LOL. Personally the idea you’re making a gift and it’s coming from your heart and hands, will be MORE precious to her than many other gifts she’ll receive.

  9. You’ve got some great advice here, I think. And I am just feeling sheepish as can be being that I’ve been a whole lot of no help with any of this. You are so diligent to get this figured out. Sorry for slacking on the internet exchange lesson idea…

    You inspire me though, I think I am going to learn to knit this year!

  10. I’d go for the third option!

  11. Many good suggestions. I agree with a combination e.g., small gift to open, note or card which you would do anyway, and either photo or unfinished blankie with crochet hook still attached!*wink*.
    Squeeze MJ for B and Nonna

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