What’s on your TBR pile?

Just in case you’re not a book junkie like I am I’ll explain.  A TBR pile is a pile of books that you have stacked up somewhere, likely a nightstand, just waiting to be read.  TBR = To Be Read.

Surely you have one.  After all SMID’s Day To Read is nearly upon us.  Thursday January 10th join in on a worth while cause.  Don’t read blogs.  Don’t write posts.  Slowly back away from the computer and pull the plug if you have to.  Thursday is dedicated to reading.

I’ve been diligently working my way through my TBR pile for the past few months.  And now I’m down to my last book, The Circus in Winter by Cathy Day.  This is the book I’m reserving for Thursday.  I’m quite excited to get my eyes into an author whose work I do not know in hopes of expanding my horizons.

But never fear, just because I no longer have a stack of books on my nightstand, my reading habits will not be slowing.  Thankfully some very thoughtful family members decided to bestow the greatest gift upon me this Christmas: book store gift cards.  Woohoo!  I’m in the gold for the next few months and coincidentally, Jenn of A2eatwrite, one of my favorite bloggers just posted up a list of suggestions for the paper hungry like me.  I’ve already chosen my next three bookstore purchases off of her list.

Go.  Have a look.

And don’t forget Thursday.


~ by CableGirl on Sunday, January 6, 2008.

12 Responses to “What’s on your TBR pile?”

  1. Which ones tempted you? And it’s great to have a chance to reciprocate, because I’ve been intrigued by many of the books you’ve reviewed!

  2. I have “On the road” TBR and a stack of books on Hindu philosophy I bought yesterday TBR

  3. Nothing says Great Gift to me like a gift card at the bookstore. It used to be said I never left the house without coming home with a plant and a book. Since I no longer have a house with good southern exposure, I now just come back with a book LOL.

    Let us know what you think of your book choice after the tenth!

  4. Happily, my TBR pile is also being fed by Jen’s lists and by SMID’s suggestions of late.
    Oh, man, I love reading.

  5. Uh, and yes, of course the books you mention. The ones I haven’t read already I mean. (You and I have very similar tastes I think)

  6. Let’s see, my TBR pile is constantly at about an average of 4 books. Right now I’ve got, “Mayflower” by Philbrick, “Vanilla Bright Like Eminem” by Faber (REALLY bizarre short stories), Slash’s “autobiography”, and Clapton’s autiobiography. Still looking for something I can’t put down, though…

  7. I still have quite a few books waiting to be read…I tend to buy a bunch of discounted books at one time so I always have something on hand to read. Usually I leave those books for work, and generally keep in my purse for free moments outside the house. Then of course I always have library books on hand to keep around the house…I’m not sure if I’ll participate in Thursdays event, since I already spend a great deal of time reading…but I will try to write something in my blog about books and reading in general.

  8. wait… not. touch. the computer? i can do that? oh my gosh, i don’t know. it’s all going so fast. i really have to work up the courage for that.

    but i *so* want to get do that danny wallace book (“join me”) i just found under my bed tonight! i thought i lost him! yay! then there’s that colour of magic book i’ve been trying to read for years, then there’s that neil gaiman book i got for christmas. wouldn’t it be great if i could get them all read on thursday? that would whittle my tbr shelf down to 346! it’s a start!

  9. I love that someone “lost” a book under her bed. I thought I was the only one who did that!

    Thanks for all the literary promotion and suggestions. I’m getting really excited for Thursday.

  10. I’m reading the second book in the Golden Compass series. I keep thinking about your post that you did on the Gold Compass!

  11. TBR: kinda the blob–it just absorbs and grows. Half LIfe by Shelley Jackson, a book on Goya prints, bio of Dan Eldon, a graphic novel on the writing of Alice in Wonderland, the new Naomi Klein and The Arsonists Guide to Writer’s Homes. To be fair, I’m sure there will be 3 or 4 moreon there by the time I get home, and I still have to finish Zadie Smith. realistically I will probably get through Pat The Bunny, though. Hurray Thursday.

  12. Thanks to everyone for some great suggestions! I love hearing what other people read. It helps break me out of my own little bubble.

    Jen – first of all, my apologies for spelling your name with two ‘n’s. No offense. Slip of the fingers if you will. Secondly, I was looking at The Dud Avocado, the Gaiman book ( I *heart* Neil Gaiman), and the Italian American folklore book. I am Italian American and I used to study myths and legends so that sounds right up my alley. 🙂 Thanks again for the suggestions!

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