What did you read yesterday?

I hope a lot of people got into Reading Day.  Based on the number of people who commented, talking about the books they had planned, I’m guessing a good few did spend yesterday away from the computer reading.  Good for you!

So, tell me.  What did you read?  Did you love it?  Hate it?  Find a new level of indifference?

I spent most of yesterday reading The Circus in Winter and it is not at all what I was expecting.  I was warned by the friend who gave it to me that it is a book of short stories, something I have heretofore avoided for my “book review” reading.  Now I’m not sure why I did. Unfortunately, I did not have a chance to finish the book.  However, as I’m only two stories from the end I do feel fairly qualified in discussing it.

Cathy Day does a wonderful job of taking verbal photographs of the lives of the people of Lima Indiana, the town where the Great Porter Circus sets camp for the winter.  What I was not expecting, however, was the span of time that the book covers.  Day does not solely focus on the town during the life and existence of the circus.  She spreads her tale well into the modern era.  Wallace Porter bought the circus after the sad tragic death of his wife Irene in the 1880s but Laura Hofstadter, the focus of a later tale, is a descendant of a family who had worked for the Porter circus before it went belly up after the Depression.

I’m not entirely sure what I was expecting from this book.  Although I was looking forward to reading a book that a friend said had stayed with her a long time, I wasn’t exactly ebullient at the thought of reading about circus performers.  This was not that book.  Yes, a few of the chapters focus on the performers during the great heyday of the traveling circus but even those tales have less to do with The Show and more to do with how that person came to be in that place and time.  The later tales, some very hard to read, center themselves on the people of the town and how the town’s history has impacted their lives.

In short, I was thrilled with the book and look forward to MJ breaking her nap strike this weekend so I can finish reading it.

Thank you to everyone who participated in The Day to Read.  And double thanks to everyone who gave me suggestions for my next title to tackle.  I haven’t decided yet which book will be next, but I do promise this:  It will be a title that someone has suggested to me here on this blog.


~ by CableGirl on Friday, January 11, 2008.

11 Responses to “What did you read yesterday?”

  1. It was “Possible Side Effects” by Augusten Burroughs for me.

  2. First of all, you used “ebullient” in a sentence and I think that’s fantastic. Second, I finished reading a semi-autobiography by Roald Dahl. It was enjoyable but othing to really jump up and down over. I enjoy short story collections. Maybe I’ll look around for The Circus in Winter; or buy it next time I’m in the States.

  3. “Special Topics in Calamity Physics”. I’ll be reviewing it once I finish it. And no, it’s not about physics.

  4. This sounds like an interesting book. I didn’t get the reading time I’d hoped for (life got in the way), but I completed much of The Great Gatsby on a re-read. I’m enjoying it a lot this time around.

  5. Hmmm, I didn’t know it was reading day yesterday, but I read some of Neuroanatomy Made Ridiculously Simple. Does that count?

  6. Read “Geek Love”, if you haven’t already (speaking of circus performers).

  7. I read John Grishams “The Broker” and it was an excellent read filled with unexpected twists and turns. Read it cover to cover. Can’t wait to grab another book and get started. I also read “Feathers Brush My Heart” earlier in the week as well. What an amazing book.

  8. I’m still slogging through Neal Stephenson’s Quicksilver (Book 1 of his Baroque Series). I’m on page 115. It has 927 pages. And two sequels. At least I can understand it, which is more than I can say for Ulysses, which I am sad to report will remain unread until the day I die.

  9. I believe that’s a book my mom read this past fall. Not sure, but it sounds like the right title. I’m glad you enjoyed it. I’m in the process of reading serveral books–some for research, some for enjoyment. I’m tickled we had our “day to read”, however, for me, every day is a reading day.

  10. Meh. I’m reading “Love in the time of Cholera” and it’s slow slugging for me. Really slow. Like… molasses.

  11. I read to Andrew, and then I read to myself. I grabbed book 2 THE SUBTLE KNIFE away from Ian as soon as he put it down and dove right in…
    What a great adventure.

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