C is for cookie, that’s good enough for me.

Ok, not really, but whenever I hear anyone mention the letter ‘C‘ as a stand alone, Cookie Monster breaks out into song in my head. Yes, I was a child of the 70s and grew up to Sesame Street.

Today Skittles listed a word beginning with the letter ‘C‘ as the Heads or Tails topic and since I had such fun cheating on the topic last week, I thought I’d make an honest effort this time around. However, I’m not able to limit myself to simply one ‘C‘ word today. Call me multifaceted. Call me a multi-tasker. Call me ADD. Whatever you want to label me, this post is a triad of ‘C‘s.

C is for change. I’ve mentioned in past posts that I’ve been getting really into Kung Fu. (Can I spell Kung Fu with a ‘C’ and make this a four part trilogy? Cung Fu. Nope. Just doesn’t work for me.) Sadly, I’ve been disappointed with the classes of late. Let me preface this complaint with a confession (two ‘C’ words there too) that I do still adore the studio and the people involved with running it. What I don’t adore is the mean age of the new clientèle. When I began my sojourn into the world of Kung Fu my fellow martial arts students were in their mid-twenties and eager to learn. The past few months has seen a rapid decline in the age of the studio’s students. Now, aside from one other friend (more about her later), everyone in my class is around the age of 10 and no more than 4 feet tall. Not that I’m and ageist or even a heightist (I have LOADS of short friends. Bear in mind that I’m almost 6 feet tall, so to me most people are short) but there is just something thoroughly unsatisfying about sparring with an undisciplined 10 year old who barely reaches my midriff. So the Change for today is a change in classes. I recently learned that there is a 6 pm Kung Fu class on Tuesday and Thursdays. (My previous class was at 4 on Monday and Wednesdays) The friend I mentioned above, who is neither 10 nor 4 feet tall, is going to come with me to the later class in hopes that most young children will be home for dinner at that hour and the evening class will be more adult friendly.

C is for completed crochet. Last week I mentioned that I was working on a baby blanket for a friend and her husband whose baby shower is this weekend. I was pretty sure at the time that I wasn’t going to finish the project on time and I asked for advice. Well, guess what. I finished. I put the final stitches into it last night and now all I have to do is block it. The blanket will certainly be ready in time for Saturday’s shower. Thank you to everyone who offered me advice on how to handle the situation if I did not have a chance to complete it.

And last but by no means least, C is for Cynthia. Last night a good friend stopped by to visit. I hadn’t seen her in quite a long time. She moved out to Colorado a few years back and has been a busy little worker bee ever since. Well, this past month her job moved her back to Miami and I’m happy to say that Cynthia is back in town. I’ve missed her like crazy and it feels great knowing that one of my dearest friends (and incidentally the person who introduced me to my husband) is living near by again. She still works like a champ, but at least now on her days off the commute to visit is doable by car and doesn’t require resetting my watch. 🙂


~ by CableGirl on Tuesday, January 15, 2008.

14 Responses to “C is for cookie, that’s good enough for me.”

  1. Glad to hear your good friend is back! Life just isn’t good without friends. I hope the change in classes works out for you.

  2. Yay for friends moving back to own!

  3. I meant town…can’t type, lol!

  4. Good take!

  5. I hope the new class is more satisfying! And congrats on the crochet project! (See, I got two more c words in). And as for your question – it’s by midnight Friday night.

  6. .oO Great entry for the prompt!!

  7. “C” is for “cats.” Miss MJ loves to caress, cuddle, and chase her cats. She’s so cute caring for her crocheted blankie and chewing on cooking equipment. Caring for MJ is certainly our constant weekend celebration!!!! *wink*

    Can’t wait to connect again with Cynthia.

  8. Aw you got a b-day visit from Cynthia, yay! 🙂

  9. That’s wonderful news about Cynthia. I know about losing friends to a move (I was the one that moved). I still miss them more than anything else that I left. I can understand your joy!

  10. Good C stuff there! Nice work with the blanket and yeah, I might have issues facing off with someone waist high and a third of my age…at least under normal circumstances.

    And yay for friends returning. Fortuantely (sort of) I don’t keep very close friends so moving away wasn’t too hard, but it’s tough to miss someone close to you. Have fun visiting.

  11. I hope the change in class makes a positive difference. 🙂

  12. Good C choices–good luck on the change in class time–and hopefully age and height changes too.

    And it’s so nice to have a friend back where you can DO stuff together.

  13. Great Cs. And I don’t blame you for wanting a change in class. Who wants to beat up 10 year olds? And yay for the blanket, and so glad your friend is back. Hope you have some fab girlie nights together.

  14. Wow, nearly 6 feet tall. Really?

    ~jenn, who when she stretches is nearly 5’2″

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