Flashing back, blog hopping and other bits

Friday. Don’t you just love Friday? I’m loving this Friday more than most because CableDad and I were able to arrange to have my mother and step father watch MJ so we could have a bona fide, grown up date night. Oh yeah, baby!

Friday also marks the beginning of this week’s round of the Weekend Blog Hoppers. Don’t know what that is yet? If you are a parent and a blogger, you really should check out Busy Dad‘s latest brain child. Yes, I’ll have a margarita with this post. Actually, keep ’em coming because I plan to blog hop like a fiend this weekend. Last week I had a blast, but I came to the party late. Not so this weekend. I’m ready and raring to go.  I plan to have many drinks and hop to all of the blogs I discovered last week… and more.  Seriously, if you are a parent blogger, give it a go.  It’s a blast.

And don’t forget that next Friday I will be launching my FlashBack Friday. We all have stories of our (sometimes shady) past. Share ’em. I’ve got mine already planned out. Tell your past deeds in words, pictures, videos. Hell, write limericks if you want. Video yourself doing interpretive dance. Be creative. But make it a flashback. I’m really looking forward to next Friday and I’ve gotten a pretty good response so far. Luckily I have some cool bloggy friends who plan to play along. The more the merrier. Post up your flashback and leave comments on other participants. It’s a great way to get to know your fellow bloggers… and have embarrassing dirt on them for later. 🙂

And last but certainly not least, do you know about Jen’s Writing contest? She’s had a great number of people sign up to participate this time around and I’m one of them. Yes, I’ll be embarrassing myself twice next week. Jen has had the participants send in information about characters and scenarios and then swapped our ideas with other bloggers.  I got Mariposa.  I’ll be honest, I’m a little nervous.  It’s been at least a decade since I’ve written any fiction (gotta love all that free time grad schools leaves you) and Mariposa’s plans left me with the daunting task of writing Romantic Comedy.  Yeah, not my strong suit.  But, we’ll see how it goes.  What is important to remember, aside from how cool Jen is for even thinking of this game, is that the big unveiling will be on Thursday of next week.  Yes, that’s right, Thursday.  Jen decided to move it back a day so that I could open FlashBack Friday on the 1st of Feb.  Yeah, that’s right.  Jen rocks.


~ by CableGirl on Friday, January 25, 2008.

20 Responses to “Flashing back, blog hopping and other bits”

  1. I’m looking forward to these posts coming up.

  2. Ooh, I like those kinds of writing prompts. I wrote a pretty cool short story for a contest like that last year. Is it a monthly thing? And I’m all set for Flashback Friday…I may even write it this weekend and post date it for Friday!!!

  3. Thanks for the plug, CG! And ENJOY your date! Wooooohoooo! And I’m hoping to be doing some bloghopping along with the other parents this evening. We’ll see. 😉

  4. I’m so looking forward to reading your Flashback…what to choose, what to choose…there’s so many options!

  5. I’m looking forward to participating next Friday!

  6. i’m blog hoppin…Flashback Friday is a brilliant idea!!! Great minds must think alike actually because I just posted a retro pic of myself on my blog in honor of blog hopping weekend!

  7. A date? Oh, so lucky. Enjoy it.

  8. Flashback Friday sound like fun! Hm, wonder if I can smash Haiku Friday and Flashback Friday together. I can. I know I can. I’m the Queen of Bastardization, Er, Ingenuity.

    (blog hoppin!) 🙂

  9. Hi! I’m here bloghoppin. I’m out of margarita mix though. So I’m about to whip up a bloody Mary. Anyhow, I am pumped up for Friday Flashbacks. I’ll definitely participate. I’ll have to think of some interpretive dance moves to bust out…hahaha. 🙂

  10. Date? Whats that???? Blog hopping and new to your blog..I like!! 😀

  11. Best of luck with your Flashback Friday… sounds like a great idaa! You’re lucky; first on the list of blog hopping. And here I am with wine, chocolate and ice cream… it can’t get any better than this!

    Blog Hopper

  12. I’m a bit late with the BlogHoppin’ this weekend (my first—but at least I started on Friday and not Saturday. Did you last week? Because if you did, I didn’t mean to insult you). I plan on getting on here earlier tomorrow night, and next week too. But we’ll see. 🙂

    Happy Hoppin! 😀

    Hookin’ Angel!

  13. Blog Hoppin’ . . . Fantastic idea for Fridays! I’m gonna have to think on that one!

  14. hi! i’m a bit late(or am i early still) for blog hoppers this weekend but i’m new so forgive me. i hope to be early tommorow though, but i got caught up in posting pics of my scrapbook.

  15. CableGirl! I’m stumblin my way home and got a bit lost. Lemme jusyt siit down for a sec… zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    huh? what?

    😉 Thanks for rockin the badge. You rule. Glad you’re havin fun.

  16. Just making my rounds… 819 am and I am already hopping.. That to early?? LOL

  17. What is this ‘baby free night’ you speak of?

    Maria, Maria – WBH

  18. Blog hopping – LOVE your Friday Flashback – can’t wait!! Thanks so much for stopping by! Come back soon!

  19. Jen does rock. I can’t believe I signed on too. She has a strong power of persuasion, but I am quite excited.
    Of course, I will be flashing back with you Friday. Not so far back for this one as it will be the story of a very recent Friday which I have neglected to tell. But it just may include embarrassing photographs, so that works, right?
    Happy Hopping!

  20. Hey… I’ve planned a flashback post – but it’s not dirt – just a story from my past. That cool?

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