It just irks me.

I know I’m nit picking and I know I’m over reacting, but it just irks me when I try to blog hop and every blog at which I stop has an irritatingly long security code that must be entered before leaving a comment. Trust me, I understand the desire to have a spam blocker. I get why people want to make sure that the person leaving a comment isn’t going to promote penis enlargers or 3 hour orgasms (although if you happen to come across one of those ads… just sayin’). I get it. I do.

What I don’t get is why Blogger can’t do what WordPress does. On WordPress you can grant access to particular email addresses. So, for example, if my friend Honey Tootenswaggle wants to leave a message, after her first comment WordPress recognizes her.  Thereafter it allows her comments to be published without me having to ok it or without Honey having to type in a 15 alphanumeric super-password. Voila!

It just irks me.


~ by CableGirl on Sunday, January 27, 2008.

13 Responses to “It just irks me.”

  1. I think it’s frustrating in general. I’m frustrated because once again, I haven’t had time to go bloghopping with the bloghoppers and so many nice people have stopped by my blog. And I’m feeling very, very guilty. Ugh.

  2. I hate it too and only started doing it after I was spammed. Blogger is not my ideal blogging engine, it’s just the only one I knew when I started. I think in May I’ll be asking CB if I can start hosting my own site, or however those more professional blogger types do it.

  3. I’ve thought about switching to Squarespace. Maybe once I’m published….

  4. Sigh. Having had one really mean comment left on my blog (something along the lines that my kids have a loser for a mom), I do want a little effort involved in posting comments.

    But if I could give you permission, I would!!

  5. I’m with ya..I wish blogger would have better abilities to grant access to people who regularly read. If the person HAS a blogger, or a gmail/google account then they can sign in that way and not have to keep entering security codes, but not all people fit into those categories. :/

  6. I would love to leave Blogger. I looked into WordPress today, but I’m overwhelmed by it! I need a weekend to devote to switching.

  7. I left Blogger a week or so ago, and I must say that WordPress on your own webspace is amazing!

  8. It drives me crazy too!! I might be making the jump soon myself!

  9. Come to Jodifur! No security enabled code. I hate it so!

  10. Yes! I hate those! It always takes me 50 freakin’ times to get them right.

  11. I couldn’t agree more. And irks is such a great word.

  12. Yep, that drives me nuts too. I find that if I’m not wearing my reading glasses (hi! I’m 87 years old!) that sometimes I can’t even read the font properly so I have to type in the code two or three times. Which? Usually results in me not leaving a comment because I don’t think it should be so much work.

  13. I would leave a longer comment but I have been entering in annoyingly long captchas all morning and have no strength left to type. I agree is all I can manage. LOL!

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